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Information on Our First Week’s Schedule

Monday, August 12: Transition Day for 6th Graders

Tuesday, August 13: First Official Day for All Middle School Students

Odd Schedule (Students: Please report to your 1st period to start the day)

Wednesday, August 14: Even Schedule

Thursday, August 15: Odd Assembly Schedule

Friday, August 16: Even Grade Level Time (GLT) Schedule

  • We will have 45 minutes built in to focus on grade level initiatives particularly focused on social emotional learning. One fun way we are excited to cultivate a greater sense of belonging in our community is through the offering of passions (otherwise known as clubs). Each middle school teacher will host a passion, and all students will self-select into one. They run the full gamut of interests from wiffleball to knitting to board games; gatherings will be built into the school days throughout the year on days such as these.