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Secondary Schedule Changes

Dear secondary families,


If students find an error in their schedule, they can submit a schedule change--through a google form for HS and through a hard-copy slip for MS. Once students have submitted a schedule change request, we ask for your patience and understanding, as counselors need time to work through all the requests. Here are some tips that will assist our staff and help this process run smoothly:

  • Please use our forms to make requests:
  • Note that the google form can only be completed by students with a valid bvsd email address.
  • Because most classes are full, only fill out the form AFTER you have checked the class availability lists which are posted in the counseling center, the HS lobby, and the MS hallway. 
  • Communicate with our counselors about schedule change requests rather than reaching out to teachers.
  • Prioritization is given to ensuring correct core class placement within the schedule.
  • Please be advised that most courses are full and we will be making few, if any, core and elective change requests. We are not able to accommodate requests to switch periods for the same class. 
  • Middle School Notes: 
  • All schedule change requests in middle school must be submitted in writing via the pink schedule change request form and must include the appropriate signatures. The deadline to submit schedule change requests is Monday, August 19th.

  • The top 3 reasons to request a schedule change as soon as possible:

    1. You have a class period in 1st semester with no course listed.

    2. You are missing a Core Course (your schedule could appear full in this scenario).

    3. You have either two classes listed in one period or you have the same class listed twice in the same semester.

  • Please check Infinite Campus regularly, as schedules are updated throughout the day (you may not receive a direct email from a counselor when a change is made)
  • Remember that class sizes adjust as changes are made, creating openings or maximizing class size; thus, the master schedule is in flux over the next week. We will update class availability on an ongoing basis.
  • Schedules may be adjusted through the end of the school day on August 19, 2019, so there is plenty of time to make adjustments.

The master schedule process is complex, and we thank you for your understanding as we make adjustments in order to honor as many requests as possible.


With appreciation,

The Middle School and High School Counseling Teams