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2019-20 High School & Middle School Sport Registrations

Please log on to Revtrak and register for your student's sport prior to the first day of practice and/or tryouts. 

Physicals:  Please bring in a physical to secondary registration or email to Amanda in the athletics office prior to the first day of practice and/or tryouts.
Your student will not be able to participate in tryouts without the registration and physicals being completed and turned in. 
Peak to Peak Sports Available:
Fall Sports:
High School Boys Soccer
High School Boys Golf
High School Boys Tennis
High School Girls Volleyball
High School Girls Softball
High School Coed Cross Country
Middle School Boys Soccer
Middle School Girls Volleyball
Middle School Coed Cross Country 
Winter Sports:
High School Boys Basketball
High School Girls Basketball
Middle School Boys Basketball
Middle School Girls Basketball 
Spring Sports:
High School Girls Soccer
High School Girls Tennis
High School Girls Golf
High School Boys Baseball
High School Coed Track & Field\
Middle School Boys Baseball
Middle School Girls Soccer
Middle School Coed Track & Field