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Shift in Spring Break Dates 2023

Dear Peak to Peak Community,

We hope you are enjoying the first weeks of summer break. As you may already be aware, BVSD leadership recently made the decision to move the previously scheduled dates of spring break in 2023 from the week of March 20th to the week of March 27th. The Boulder Valley Board of Education unanimously approved this change to the school calendar on June 7th. You can read more about the rationale behind this decision on this page of the BVSD website. 

Because so many of our families have students who attend other BVSD schools and because our operations are integrally connected with the district, Peak to Peak’s administration is recommending to our Board that our school align with the district with regard to this change. We are also planning to shift the events and trips planned for our first-ever Peak Week at the high school level to the week of March 20th. Peak to Peak’s Board of Directors will meet to vote on a revised school calendar that reflects these changes later this month. We are sending this message now because we know that our families appreciate having as much notice about schedule changes as possible.  

To recap: Peak to Peak’s revised school calendar will include the following changes:

  • Peak Week (High School Only):  March 20th-24th, 2023
  • Spring Break (All School K-12):  March 27-31st, 2023

Once formally approved by Peak to Peak’s Board, our revised school calendar will be posted on our website. We recognize that this decision may cause inconvenience to some staff and families, and we thank you for your understanding of our need to align with the district in this instance. 


Best regards,

The Peak to Peak Leadership Team