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Volunteer Needs

  • Peak Week drivers:  To help keep the cost for the Kitchen Humanities course as low as possible, we are asking for volunteers who are willing to drive students to two off-campus experiences. You would not be expected to chaperone during the activity itself, just to drive students from campus to the location and then from the location back to campus at the scheduled times. Please reach out to Ace Engelmann ( with any questions. Learn more information and sign up here.


  • Garden help:  We are seeking volunteers to help in our Peak to Peak Garden.  Please contact Kim Livingston, directly. 
    • Summer Steward Coordinator: We have a weekly summer schedule where families can sign up to help tend the garden. The coordinator helps to make sure that we have good coverage for the summer and that volunteers know what tasks need to be completed each week.
    • Classroom Champions: I was thinking that it would be great to have a parent for each grade to be the point-of-contact for the garden. You could help the teachers coordinate the garden materials and help the garden lesson go smoothly. 
    • Summer Stewards: Adopt the garden for a week. Summer stewards volunteer to help maintain the garden. High school students can earn community service hours by volunteering in the garden.