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Host Families Needed for Exchange Students

Hello Peak to Peak Families! I’m looking for host families for two outstanding exchange students for this coming school year. 

Nada from Egypt will be a junior at Peak to Peak in August. She loves art and drawing, especially, because it lets her express her “imagination on paper.” She also plays piano, does volunteer work, and is on a cycling team. Her family is very important to her and she is close to her younger sister. She has a perfect score on her English proficiency exam and excellent grades in school. She loves math and coding and wants to combine the two in her future career. She’s looking forward to having an American family and friends. To see her public information: 

Adelaide from Italy will be a junior at Peak to Peak in August. Her favorite subjects are math, biology, and English. Volleyball is her biggest passion and she dreams of becoming a professional player if she doesn’t become a marine biologist. She loves to cook - especially Italian specialties like Lasagna alla Bolognese. She loves animals - especially dogs - and is so excited to have an American family like yours! To see her public information: 

Hosting is actually pretty easy and so rewarding! The exchange students from Aspect Foundation are first vetted in their home countries because they want to send the best of the best. They have their own insurance, spending money and are excellent students. I’m happy to provide more information, even if you’re just thinking about it. Please contact Elizabeth Kaufman at 720-891-3553 or