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Website Calendar Change Instructions for Families

Website Calendar Change Instructions for Families:

The website calendar switch is now complete. If you had previously captured iCal feeds for your personal calendars, those must be reset. Instructions for doing so can be found below. If you use Peak to Peak’s mobile application, you should reset all of the calendars. On some devices, the mobile app will refresh and the new calendars will appear. For other devices, you may have to delete and reload the application. If your old calendar selections are still in place, you should delete and reload the application.

To add the new calendars to your personal calendars or devices:

  1. Log into the Peak to Peak website and visit the course or classroom page that you would like to add to your personal calendar. Click on the link in the left menu to view the course calendar.

  2. At the bottom of the calendar is a “+” sign that says “Add to Google Calendar” when you hover over it. Click this button.

  3. Verify that you wish to add the course calendar to your personal account.

  4. Repeat for each of your students’ courses, classrooms, athletic teams, and/or cafeteria menus.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Jen Dauzvardis (