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A Note of Gratitude from the Peak to Peak Board

Dear Peak to Peak Community, 


The Peak to Peak board of directors would like to extend a message of gratitude to our entire community for the herculean efforts that have taken place over the past couple of very challenging weeks. The sudden shift in daily life due to the COVID-19 pandemic has caused all of us to make quick and sometimes difficult adjustments to “life as usual.”

    • We extend a heartfelt thank you to our leadership team who has been adeptly and tirelessly managing the continual developments coming from Boulder Valley School District, and the state of Colorado, every day. We commend their continued leadership, professionalism and timeliness, which has helped the school community maintain a stronger sense of security during this unsettling time.
    • Thank you to our cafeteria team for being there to prepare lunches and sustenance for students who would otherwise go without.
    • Thank you to the support teams including paras, the custodial staff and health room, who move mountains every day to keep our students healthy, safe and feeling supported.
    • Thank you to the Friend’s of Peak to Peak team and all of their volunteers who, with grace and expertise, made the quick and necessary adjustments to keep critical fundraising moving forward.
    • To the parent volunteers on board committees who have seamlessly worked to adjust and keep necessary activities moving forward - we commend you.
    • We thank our community at large for their flexibility, positive attitude and willingness to pitch in to continue to support our online auction, teachers and each other. 
  • Most of all and with immense gratitude, hats off to our teachers and counselors. Your unfailing commitment to our students is evident every day and now more than ever in the preparation for distance learning and embracing of this new, albeit temporary, way of educational life. Our students will continue to learn and grow because of you and we are here to support you through this unparalleled event. We strongly encourage our students to please be responsive and communicative with your teachers in the coming weeks of distance learning. We can all make this work when we are working together.  

Our community is strong and resilient. While we may all be somewhat battleworn when the time and/or normalization returns, continuing to support and rely on each other - with a hefty dose of flexibility and grace - will bring us to the best possible outcomes.


We wish all of you health and well-being,

Peak to Peak Board of Directors