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Best Wishes to Our Departing Staff and Welcome to Our New Staff and Current Staff in New Roles

We want to thank the below staff members for their excellent service and wish them the very best:
Miriam Aloisio, HS Spanish
Trina Conigliaro, 5th Grade   
Jantrey Meyer, MS Counselor
Susan Prieto, Kindergarten
Hannah Soister, ES Literacy                                 
Tracy Walsh, HS Counselor
We want to welcome the below staff members to Peak to Peak and current staff into new roles: 
Genell Britton, Kindergarten
Molly Creek, HS Counselor
Sara Britt Grein, Learning Services
Michelle Eckstein, 1st Grade
Christine Foster, ES Literacy
Nina Hankla, Attendance Coordinator
Jenny Kirchner, MS Health
Megan Mehus, 5th Grade
Elizabeth Meier, MS Counselor
Bethany Morray, 5th Grade
Ashley Padilla, 3rd Grade
Kathleen Weil, ES Tech