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End-of-Year Message to Families

Dear Peak to Peak Families,


Wow, what a year! Congratulations on making it to the finish line. I can’t thank you enough for the tremendous work you have done this year both before the school closure and afterward to support your students and our entire staff. As you know, in mid-March we had to develop a distance learning model quickly to ensure that students could continue to learn even though we could not be together in person. We know it wasn’t perfect, but I’m so proud of our staff and students for the dedication, thoughtfulness, and hard work that they poured into the effort. We are using your feedback about distance learning (provided in the survey that was sent in the Digest as well as anecdotally) to plan for the future.  


Through the entire experience of distance learning, our staff talked about how the support and encouragement from our community of parents and guardians made an enormous difference in their ability to rally and keep up their great work to connect with students. One of the biggest lessons that I’m taking away from this unusual spring is about the importance of relationships in all we do -- whether we are in-person or remote, relationships are the thread in the fabric that holds us all together. Thank you for creating and maintaining strong relationships with our staff and for all you did to support our staff and students during the school closure. 


Looking Ahead to 2020-21

As we look ahead to the new school year, I know that you are looking for some level of certainty about whether we will be open for in-person learning. While we don’t know exactly what the new school year will look like yet, we do know that we will open on time and we will be in either a 100% distance learning model or in a hybrid, blended model that includes some distance learning and some in-person learning. Thus, planning for a variety of scenarios within that broad framework is the most practical way to proceed, and this is how our staff will prepare. 


Alignment (or not) with BVSD

Although we will generally align with guidance provided by BVSD, when it comes to instruction, curriculum, our school schedule, our calendar, and programs that are specific to our school, we will make our own decisions based on what is best for our community. 

Please know that while Colorado remains in a state of emergency because of the public health crisis, the state and local health departments have the highest decision-making authority, and their guidance must be followed by all other governmental entities, including all districts and schools. So, while we have flexibility in the school-specific areas listed above, Peak to Peak will always comply with public health guidance and the related protocols that are prescribed.  

As has been our pattern since schools closed in March, any time you see a message from BVSD with guidance included, we will follow with a message that clarifies any differences for Peak to Peak. In this way, you will always be informed of how we are aligned (or not) with the district on specific topics.  


Communication During the Summer

In addition to any routine communications with reminders about the upcoming school year and clarifications to the messages sent by BVSD, we will send pertinent updates about Peak to Peak to keep you informed as the pandemic situation and the related protocols and health department guidelines continue to evolve. 


Above all and despite the uncertainty and disruption that the pandemic has caused, we are committed to fully supporting you and providing the strong leadership that is required to maintain the level of excellence to which we are all accustomed. Thank you again for your support and understanding, and for all that you do to make our Puma community such a special place to be. 


All my best for a restful summer,


Kelly Reeser

Executive Director of Education

On Behalf of the Peak to Peak Leadership Team