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Welcome to 2020-2021! Information about P2P Reintroduction

Dear Peak to Peak Community,


Welcome to the 2020-21 school year! First, thank you all for your support and understanding as we communicated our decision to start the year at Peak to Peak in Phase 2, which means that we will have a predominantly distance learning model for the first nine weeks of school. Although we are all disappointed that we won’t be able to return to in-person learning on a larger scale, we do appreciate your overwhelming support of our leadership team and staff and for this decision. We are using the time between now and mid-August to finalize our plans in a strategic way so that we will be able to start the year calmly, thoughtfully, and with a singular focus on our students. 


Next week we will begin sending our regular weekly digest with comprehensive updates about whole-school and level-specific activities. Today’s special edition of the digest is to provide an update about Peak to Peak’s reintroduction plan and to let you know how to stay informed about news specific to our school during this ever-changing time. 


2020-21 Resource Center

The most important link you will need as we start the school year is here:  20-21 Resource Center.  Please bookmark this site. It is the centralized location where you will be able to find the most updated information about everything related to our reintroduction plan and how the school will work once students return in mid-August. 



Our regular weekly digest will arrive in your inboxes on Fridays at noon starting on August 7th. Urgent and emergency communications, such as for school closures, will be sent via email and text message. Please do not opt-out of these messages because they will always contain important, safety-related information that you need to know. If you have any questions about this, or if you need help ensuring that you are set up to receive messages from the school, please contact the front office at  


During this time we recognize that you are receiving emails from BVSD that may be confusing since Peak to Peak has made the decision to start in Phase 2 while BVSD schools are planning to open in Phase 3. BVSD’s recent communications about choosing a mode of education (online or hybrid) are an example of this. We are sorry for the confusion that this inevitably causes when it happens. To clarify, please know that our communication systems are separate from the district, and our standard protocol is to follow BVSD’s communications with our own to clarify any differences at Peak to Peak. You will see clarification below about the choice for online or hybrid learning.  In general, you can read BVSD’s emails as simply providing you with information about what’s going on within the district, but please wait for clarification from Peak to Peak to understand how the topic will be handled at our school.  



Please see the August registration details below in the elementary, middle, and high school sections.


Parent/Guardian Engagement

This year will be undeniably different than any other year at Peak to Peak. It’s more important than ever for our parents and guardians to stay involved and engaged with each other and with staff to ensure that our students have the best possible experience. Several avenues already exist to facilitate that engagement, including the following:

We are looking for volunteers who can help organize, support, and carry out community-building events and activities that will help us launch the school year in an energetic and creative way. If you are interested in being involved in this effort, please contact the front office at


Thank you for your ongoing support of our school community, and for all that you are doing to support your students at this time. We are excited about seeing them again, and we are looking forward to meeting those who are new to our school! Please look for more updates on our website and in next week’s digest. 


With best wishes,

Kelly Reeser

Executive Director of Education