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Short Survey: Assessing Interest in In-Person Learning

We realize that different families have different levels of comfort with the idea of their students returning to school regularly while we are still in a pandemic:  some may prefer to remain in distance learning until community spread of the virus is no longer an issue and/or treatment/vaccine options are available. Others are eager to return to in-person learning as soon as possible. 

As Peak to Peak is moving ahead with plans to bring more students on campus for targeted support, the leadership team would like to get a broad understanding of how many of our families would prefer to have their students return to in-person instruction as the norm if given that option, and how many would prefer to continue distance learning. 

Please take this short survey (est. 5 minutes) by Friday, October 23rd. The leadership team will use your feedback to inform planning efforts happening now; we may need to send another more detailed survey as we approach a new decision point in the next few weeks. Thank you for providing your initial input at this time.