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Message from Board of Directors

Dear Peak to Peak Community, 

We would like to share information with you on a few topics which include an update on our Safe Return to School Task Force that recently kicked-off, our current processes for accessing community participation at Peak to Peak Board meetings, and how to share public comments during these same meetings. 

1) Safe Return to School (SRS) Task Force

Thank you to everyone who volunteered for our Safe Return to School (SRS) Task Force and offered your time for this important work.  We specifically selected members that represent all school levels, and a range of experience in medical and public health expertise, health and safety protocols, workplace/organizational management, risk management, and research.  Members include the following parent volunteers and Peak to Peak staff:

Parent Volunteers:  Dr. Mary Vierthaler-Busby, Dr. Nasim Zabihi, Jane Cole, Alison DuMond, Warner Losh, Darren Hunter, Camille Ibsen

Board of Directors: Ari Axelrod, Colleen Elliott

Peak to Peak staff: Kelly Reeser, Traci Schoeneweis, Jen Dauzvardis, Nicole Roscoe (School Nurse) Tracey Sutton (P2P COVID Coordinator)

The SRS task force kicked off on October 8th, with the purpose to explore ways to return students and staff to in-person school as soon, and as safely, as possible.  The task force is currently working to understand current practices and guidance already implemented at P2P, as well as conducting research related to priority components of an in-person model. (Please see the message in the Weekly Digest from the Peak to Peak Leadership Team for more details on these components).  The SRS will support the leadership team’s work to assess the strategy, risk, and opportunities for these key components.  They will develop recommendations for bringing more students and staff on campus that include risk assessment and risk mitigation.  These recommendations will be based on data, research, practices implemented within BVSD and at other schools, as well as the implications for staff, students, families, resources, and budget.  The goal is to provide recommendations to leadership by November 20, to be used in decision-making regarding bringing more students on campus.

We will strive to keep the community updated on the important work of this task force!  

2) Community Access to Board Meetings 

Community participation at board meetings is most welcome, and an excellent way to stay apprised of all that is going on throughout Peak to Peak. We know that input from all stakeholders is crucial to our success as a school. Unfortunately, this is one of the many areas that are more challenging during the pandemic due to meetings needing to be conducted virtually at this time.

Over the last few months, it has become evident that we need a better solution for community participation in on-line meetings. The audio link that we have today is not efficient, but please know we are working on it. Jen Dauzvardis has invested significant effort exploring options and managing the technical challenges that arise from being part of the BVSD IT infrastructure. These explored options include Zoom (BVSD restricts usage over privacy concerns), streaming through Google Meet (this will only work if you have an @bvsd or @peaktopeak email), or streaming through YouTube (which requires additional software that we are waiting for BVSD to approve). Given the current functionality of Google Meets, just sharing the meeting link would limit the effectiveness of our meetings.  We need to prioritize the ability for board members to see each other on their screen, as well as manage the discussions between said board members while conducting our meetings.  

Please know that we understand the need and the issues, and we are working towards better solutions. In the meantime, we will continue to make the audio link available for anyone to listen in, and board members will plan to identify themselves each time before speaking.

3) Process for Public Comments

We realize that there have been various challenges to making public comments with the current audio link set-up, so we have changed the process to one that is similar to BVSD board meetings. Anyone who wishes to share a public comment needs to submit their name prior to the board meeting.  You will then receive the Google Meet code and be permitted into the Meet with video during the public comments time slot, and will be able to share your comment(s).  After public comments, you will be moved out of the Google Meet and asked to re-join via the audio link in order to listen to the rest of the meeting.

To sign up to share a public comment at the board meeting, please email Traci Schoeneweis at and she will send you the video link to join the meeting.  

As a reminder of our defined process, public comments are limited to 2 minutes per person.  We ask the community member(s) to share their thoughts/ideas during the scheduled public comment period which is at the beginning of each meeting.  The board has a set agenda and typically will not respond to public comments during the meeting.  This allows us to stay on track with the agenda, and to reflect and follow-up on comments as needed. 

Thank you for your patience as we continue to work to make it easier to participate in these meetings!



Peak to Peak Board of Directors