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Learning Pods Are Not Subject to the Public Health Order Gathering Limits

The following is a summary of how the public health orders in Boulder County apply to families. This was provided by Boulder County Public Health officials in their regular email update to schools this week.  Learning Pods are not subject to the public health order gathering limits:

  • Learning pods fall under either K-12 schooling or “child care”, both of which are a critical function, and would not be considered a personal social gathering.  So, if the kids are meeting for either purposes of P-12 schooling or childcare, then you are subject to the capacity limits outlined in executive order 2020-243, which is the extension of 2020-188. Current capacity limits are one adult and eight unrelated children age 10 and over, or one adult and maximum of five children ages six through nine.  
  • Please note that playdates just for the purpose of socializing, however, would still be subject to the personal social gathering limit of 2 households maximum 10 people. 
  • Whether children are gathering to do their remote schooling (within the pod guidance limits) or for socializing (within the personal gathering limits) adults and children should wear a mask, physical distance as much as possible, wash hands, try to be outdoors more than indoors etc.