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Social Media and Communication Pathways

We know that many families use social media as a way to build connections with other members of the community. For example, many parents, guardians, and students are members of closed Facebook groups, identified by the student’s graduation year, as a means of communicating and connecting with one another.  These are different from the school’s official Facebook page, which is used to communicate school-wide announcements and celebrations. We encourage the positive community-building opportunities presented by social media, and welcome opportunities for families to build relationships with one another.  If you participate in a social media group associated with your students’ class, please remember that information shared through these venues does not constitute official communications from the school.
We encourage everyone using social media outlets to be mindful of the Communication Pathways in place at the school, to maintain appropriate and respectful dialogue when using social media, and to use the Communication Pathways when questions or issues arise.