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Greetings from the Board

Your Peak to Peak board of directors is delighted to welcome our entire community back for another school year, especially our newest families and learners. A few quick notes from our team:

  • We welcome and encourage our community to attend board meetings if and when possible. Meeting attendance is a great way to learn about current events and what’s ahead for Peak to Peak. The next meeting will take place at 8:00 AM, August 22 in the College Counseling Center conference room. You can find the full meeting schedule on the board of directors page of the website.
  • Your 2018-19 board of directors, including officer designations, are: Jaimee Miller - President, Eveline Grady - Vice President, Derek Cole - Treasurer, Deea Frisbee - Secretary, Colleen Elliot, Elizabeth Gable, and Joanne Hyman.

Wishing you a great start to school,

Peak to Peak Board of Directors