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    • Elementary back-to-school celebration
    • Assessment days
    • Girls on the Run Program
    • All block days for secondary
    • Student announcements
    • Course changes
    • Welcome back from Principal Mathews
    • Yearbook and portrait information for senior class of 2022
    • Course changes
    • Puma home games
    • Middle School fall sports
    • Welcome back
    • Parent/guardian book club
    • King Soopers rewards 
    • Volunteer information and Volunteer Team

All School News




NEW! Welcome Back - Reintroduction 8.13.2021

Dear Peak to Peak Families,

I am thrilled to welcome you to the 2021-22 school year! Excitement on campus is building as we approach the time when our students arrive for full-time in-person learning after more than a year of pandemic-induced disruptions. Our new and returning staff have spent the past week getting (re)-acquainted, preparing classrooms, planning lessons, developing systems, and sharing resources and ideas for making this year’s start a memorable one for students. Your students are likely a bit nervous and excited, too. Please assure them that we are ready for the first days of school and are eagerly anticipating the energy and joy that they will bring!

The pandemic has certainly changed the way we operate at Peak to Peak, and even though we are returning to a full-time schedule with all students on campus...please click the below Read More button to read the entire article and view our plan for reintroduction to this school year. 

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NEW!  Policy Updates

Peak to Peak’s Board of Directors is considering updates to several policies. These were reviewed by the Board at the most recent meeting on August 11th, and a vote is scheduled at the Board’s next meeting on September 1st. Please see the links to these updates below and reach out to Board President Colleen Elliott or Executive Director of Education Kelly Reeser with any questions. 

DJ/DJE - Purchasing and Contracting - Updated to give EDE the authority to sign contracts as needed; provide backup for purchases in emergency situations. 

ECB - Operations & Maintenance - Title change, updates to align with BVSD and to reflect P2P’s organizational structure.

INB - Teaching About Controversial Issues - Updated to align with BVSD language.

KI - Visitors to Schools - Updated to align with BVSD language, addresses remote learning situations.  



NEW!  Community Message from Boulder County Public Health

Boulder County Public Health Board of Health unanimously passed Public Health Order 2021-07 in order to align Boulder County with CDC’s guidance for Childcare and K-12 education, the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendation for universal masking in school and childcare settings, and CDPHE’s updated guidance recommendations to reduce the number of quarantines in schools.  BCPH recognizes the importance of in-person learning, and along with the public health order we have issued recommendations and outbreak mitigation strategies for schools and childcare facilities. These orders and recommendations balance the physical health risks presented by the Delta variant with the academic, mental health, and social-emotional benefits of in-person learning.  The order requires mask wearing the following situations, for all individuals age 2 and over regardless of vaccination status

  • While indoors in any preschool through grade 12 school building anywhere in Boulder County
  • While indoors at any childcare center or childcare facility, regardless of licensing status
  • While indoors and participating in a youth camp, youth extracurricular activity, youth gym activities, and youth sport. This requirement applies to all participants, attendees, spectators, staff, volunteers, and coaches. (Individuals participating in youth sports indoors must follow Public Health’s Sports guidance.) 

The order also requires schools and childcare facilities follow the BCPH School and Outbreak Guidance which includes stable seating charts and cohorts, Return to Learn, symptom checking, and other mitigation strategies along with additional recommendations.  

BCPH’s top priority and planning efforts are focused on ensuring that children remain in-person for their learning and educational experiences with minimal disruptions due to quarantine and isolation. By implementing universal masking and layered mitigation strategies, schools will be able to significantly reduce the number of quarantines this Fall. BCPH will be starting the school year without conducting quarantines in routine classroom exposures and will be reducing other quarantines significantly. Please see the BCPH School and Outbreak Guidance for more details.  Attached is the letter in both English and Spanish and the guidance is available on our website in both English and Spanish.

Taylor Carranza, COVID-19 Education Liaison Officer at Boulder County Public Health - education@bouldercounty.org  


NEW! Quick Tip to Stay Connected: The Weekly Newsletter Digest

In preparation for the school year, here is a video "quick tip" to help you stay connected throughout the school year. This video includes a tour of the new layout for the weekly digest. Watch for more quick tips in the coming weeks.

apples NEW! Food Services Updates

Dear Friends and Families, 

We are excited to announce that Food Services will be offering FREE breakfasts and FREE lunches this year to ALL students 18 years and younger.  We will be using the serving lines to serve students and the students will need to walk through the lines to the cashiers’ stations so the reimbursable meal is captured...please click the below Read More button to read the entire article on our Food Services Updates. 

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  NEW!  Carpool Information Coming Soon!
We apologize that the Way to Go carpool information was not sent out to families this summer.  Please watch for it to be coming soon. Way to Go will email out personalized map links to parents/guardians with a list of the Peak to Peak families located nearest to you.  It is an informational list only and if you want to connect with a family on the list you would need to initiate contact with them.


NEW! Attention Parents of JUMP Bus Riders

If your student rides the JUMP home from school, the new dismissal time and bus schedules don’t align.  After speaking with RTD, they said they would likely consider adding a stop in between the 2:57 and 3:57 PM times if enough people call and request an additional stop. If you have a need or can help, please complete this form https://www.rtd-denver.com/customer-comments and request a stop be added at Merlin Dr and East Spaulding in between those two times to match with the school dismissal schedule. If you choose to complete the form, please state that the request is for your child riding the bus home from school - that makes a difference to them!  If you have any questions, please reach out to Peak to Peak parent Katherine 303-5323-7167 or kschwartzcolorado@gmail.com.  Thank you!  

  Traffic and Parking Plan 2021-2022
Please review this document, by clicking the Read More button below, which highlights the traffic flow for daily drop-off and pick-up of students.  For the first few weeks of school, traffic on campus will undoubtedly be heavy and congested, so please be patient and considerate.  Please follow the guidelines to allow for a safer and more pleasant experience.  Also, keep in mind that traffic will improve in a few weeks as carpools get established and people stagger the times that they arrive.  Please note that Puma Drive is a one-way entrance at all times, and Canterbury Drive is a one-way exit at all times.  Also, please DO NOT park on the side streets off Spaulding Street.  These are private drives and we want to honor our neighbors.  Please also review the attached campus map...please click the below Read More button to view the entire K-12 traffic plan. 

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Elementary School News (grades K-5)


NEW! Elementary Back to School Celebration

We invite you to attend Peak to Peak Elementary’s Back to School Celebration- this year we will join for a Meet and Greet Picnic! The celebration will be this Tuesday, August 17, 2021 -come anytime between 6:00-7:00 pm. The purpose of this night is to briefly meet our staff and connect with other families together as we start the new year together. Please see more information here: Back to School Celebration 2021.


NEW! Elementary Assessment Days

We are excited to see students on Monday 8/16 - Wednesday 8/18 for Assessment Days! Each year in August, a few days before school begins, students meet with teachers for initial greetings, visiting classrooms, bringing school supplies, and starting assessments. This allows students and teachers to get to know each other in small groups, gain familiarity with new classrooms and grade levels, and greatly reduces first-day jitters and materials. Most of you signed up for a time in May before the year ended and should receive a reminder email in the next few days from the appointment system. If you have questions about your time or need help, please contact your homeroom teacher. A few reminders:

  • Please bring all school supplies with you.

  • Assessment Days are also Elementary Registration days; plan to take pictures and complete required forms.

  • Kindergarten-3rd grade teachers will greet you at the exterior classroom doors. 

  • 4th-5th grade teachers will greet you inside the hallways near their classrooms, which are on the second floor of the library building in the middle of campus.

  • Here is a map of the classroom teacher locations to help you know where to go. 



NEW!  Girls on the Run Program

Peak to Peak will be offering Girls on the Run this fall starting the week of September 14th. Girls on the Run inspires girls to a lifetime of self-respect and a healthy lifestyle through an innovative program that combines training for a 3.1-mile run/walk race with fun lessons, activities, and games. We will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays after school from 3:00-4:30 PM. The program is open to all 3rd,4th, and 5th grade girls. Registration opens on August 9th. For more information about the program go to www.girlsontherunrockies.org. Questions or want to coach? Ask Mindy Justice.

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Secondary School News (grades 6-12)




NEW! All Block Days for Secondary Students and Daily Schedule for the Year

This year all 6th through 12th grade students will be on a daily block schedule.  There is no longer a Monday 1st through 8th period schedule.  To view the daily bell schedule for normal and early release days as well as the block day schedule for the entire year please click:  Secondary Bell Schedule and Calendar

mega  Weekly Secondary Student Announcements

Please click the following link or the Read More button to view the daily middle and high school student announcements beginning the week of August 16th:  "The Voice of Peak to Peak" (daily secondary student announcements)

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Middle School News (grades 6-8)




Middle School Course Changes
Welcome to the new school year!  Ms. Salvo and Mrs. Meier Thornton are excited to have your students back in the building.  We know each of your students is very excited to be back in school and to have new schedules.  We also recognize that you may have some questions or concerns about your student's schedule.  Please know that your counselors are here to help you.  Before you reach out to your school counselor with questions, please fill out this MS Schedule Change Form.  Schedule changes will not be completed via email. We will use this form to track any and all requests. Students will have to the end of the day on Tuesday, August 24, 2021, to submit schedule changes via this form. 
Welcome back! 
Ms. Salvo & Ms. T 


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High School News (grades 9-12)




NEW!  Welcome Back from Principal Mathews

Dear High School Students, Parents, and Guardians: 

Welcome to our 22nd year as an independent and innovative high school of choice! This letter is to update you on new developments and set the schedule and tone for fall so all of our teens have a successful in-person launch to the new school year. We are starting the year fully in person, and are really excited to have you as vital members of our community. Welcome back to Peak to Peak! Things change relatively quickly, but we are pleased to have plans in place for our schedule for this year, and COVID guidelines for our first quarter of learning at school. As we move into the coming weeks, please keep in close contact with me, our counselors, and the teaching staff so that we hear and respond to your needs; we truly want you to have a great experience, and that starts with getting to know each of you personally and designing our best academic and support plans for each of our Pumas. That’s who we are and why we’re here.  Please join me in welcoming...please click the below Read More button to read Principal Mathews' entire welcome back article.

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NEW!  Yearbook and Senior Portrait Information for the Senior Class of 2022
Please click the below Read More button to get information on requirements and deadlines for senior portraits, quotes, ads, etc.  If you have any questions please contact Cynthia Guajardo.
Read more



High School Course Changes

Welcome back to a new school year High School students!  If a schedule change is needed, please use this google form for schedule change requests: HS Schedule Change Request. It will close at the end of the school day on Tuesday, August 24th. Please be advised that most courses are full and counselors don't anticipate being able to accommodate many change requests. Students MUST check the available course list posted on the website on this page: url.peaktopeak.org/courses., before submitting this form! Remember that class sizes adjust as changes are made, creating openings or maximizing class sizes; thus, the master schedule is in flux over the next week. We will update class availability periodically. The only method to make a change to your schedule is by submitting this form. Please do not email your counselor to change your class! Only students with a BVSD email account can submit this form and access the available courses.  

We look forward to seeing you soon! 
HS Counseling Team 

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Athletics & Activities (all school levels)


  NEW! Puma Home Games
Tuesday  8/17  Boys Tennis vs Prospect Ridge
Thursday 8/19 Boys Soccer vs Academy 
                        Softball vs Wiley HS DH
Saturday 8/21  P2P XC Invite 

  NEW! Middle School Fall Sports
Start Dates:
MS Boys Soccer- Monday 8/16 3:30 PM on the west field
MS XC- Tuesday 8/17 3:30 PM on the south side of the track
MS Volleyball- Monday 8/16 3:30 PM in the northwest MS Gym 
Please email physicals to amanda.smith@bvsd.org before Monday at 3:00 PM.


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Friends of Peak to Peak (all school levels)

  NEW! Welcome Back!
This has been such a fun week seeing so many of you back on campus, especially at secondary registration!  We were so happy to talk with so many of you about Friends of Peak to Peak and the many ways you can be involved in supporting the school this year.  As a reminder, you can always learn more about Friends of Peak to Peak by visiting our website or by signing up for a virtual or in-person meet and greet!  We would love to connect with you whether you are a new family or veteran family with any questions or looking to learn about ways to be involved.  
Please come find us at the following upcoming events:
  • Elementary Registration Aug 16th - 18 8am - 3pm 
  • Transition Day New Family meet and greet: (6th, 9th, and new secondary students): Aug. 16th, 8am Front Circle 
  • Welcome Back Coffee: Aug. 17th, 8am Front Circle
  • All Back to School nights as scheduled
  • Volunteer Team Committee Meeting - August 31st *Please join us!*


NEW! Peak to Peak Parent/Guardian Book Club

All are welcome to join our parent/guardian book club.  We will be discussing "Station Eleven" by Emily St. John Mandel which is a course book in our high school English classes.  We'll be meeting mid-September so there is still time for you to pick up the book!  To be included in upcoming book club communications please contact P2P parent Marian Freshour.  We hope to continue parent/guardian interest groups this year so stay tuned for more information coming soon.



Time to Link Up Your King Soopers Account!
If you have not yet connected your King Soopers reward number/phone number please take 1 minute to do so.  This program raises approximately $20k for our school each year so every linked account helps!  If you have already done this in the past you are all set.  

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Volunteer (all school levels)

  NEW! Volunteer Needs
  • No updates

  NEW! Volunteer Information

Once on-site volunteering resumes, we will continue to request fingerprints from anyone who intends to volunteer more than once during the school year.  If you had your fingerprints done previously and completed our volunteer waiver and release form then you do not need to complete any volunteer paperwork this year!  Please make sure you have a photo volunteer ID card with a barcode on the back.  If you do not have a photo ID card please stop by the Volunteer Station at registration or contact the office staff.  Please contact Traci Schoeneweis or 303-453-4682 to verify your volunteer status if you are unsure.

If you only intend to volunteer once then you will be required to do the background check (not fingerprints) and the volunteer waiver and release form each year.  You will be given a one-time volunteer ticket to turn in when you volunteer the one time.  Please follow this link to print them or pick them up at registration:  Volunteer Information

Volunteer training is online.  Anyone that is new to the school needs to view this before volunteering.  If you have previously attended or taken the volunteer training you do not need to do it again.  It’s a good idea for returning volunteers to view this as well for a refresher on protocols.  Follow this link Volunteer Training to view the information.  It can also be found on the volunteer page of the school website.

Enter Volunteer Hours from Home:  Thank you for helping us track your hours for our records!  See this training on how to enter volunteer hours from home. 

Your Volunteer Team would love to hear from you. If you have any interest in volunteering for anything at all but do not know where to start please email either Allie Cross or Rachel Hirt, Volunteer Coordinators.  They would love to meet you!  

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