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    • Artwork posted in Seesaw
    • Date change to virtual secondary October conferences
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    • Puma home games
    • High School boys volleyball
    • Puma Pennant Program
    • Homecoming tailgate party
    • Cornhole Tournament
    • Annual Fund family ambassadors
    • Parent/guardian book club
    • Volunteer needs - see how you can help!
    • Volunteer information and Team

All School News


NEW! Message and Goals from the Peak to Peak Board of Directors

The Board had a busy first month getting to know one another, learning new roles, and working as a team to create the Board’s goals for the year. The goals we developed are listed below, in no particular order. While there are a number of goals and they will be a challenge to implement, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and get things done. If you have any questions about the goals listed below or would like additional information, please reach out to Colleen Elliott at colleen.elliott@peaktopeak.org or Kelly Reeser at kelly.reeser@bvsd.org

Thank you,

Peak to Peak Board of Directors

Goal 1: Committees Board committee liaisons will work with committee leads to review and update process documents for consistency and clarity. In addition, the Board will explore the creation of a new standing Equity Committee in support of Peak to Peak’s mission to “provide an environment in which each student is known, respected, and valued as an individual of great potential and promise.”

Goal 2: Bylaws The Board will review and update our bylaws using best practices while also considering our unique k-12 charter school environment. This task is needed as our current bylaws are 7 years old and should be reviewed to ensure we are using procedures and policies that support our mission, vision, and values and allow us to govern effectively. 

Goal 3: BVSD Relationship Building The Board will build board-level relationships by participating in BVSD Board of Education (BOE) meetings at least once a month and by reaching out to current BVSD BOE members. This goal will help position Peak to Peak for effective 2025 contracting and improve funding decisions between BVSD and Peak to Peak.

Goal 4: Strategic Plan The Board will work to develop an updated strategic plan to ensure our strategic plan evolves to reflect the next phase of focused growth and development toward meeting our mission and vision, including resiliency to a changing educational landscape; the desire to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion; and the interconnectivity of our core values as a school/organization.

Goal 5: Capital Campaign Feasibility The Board will guide the completion of a capital campaign feasibility study, and assess and take action on the results. This goal will continue the previous work related to a possible campus build-out that supports our strategic plan, fosters innovation, and acts on the community recommendations for improvements to the school.


NEW!  Required School Notifications for Positive COVID-19

Boulder & Broomfield Counties are seeing a high level of COVID-19 transmission. We ask that families notify our health room immediately (at p2p.healthroom@bvsd.org OR 303-453-4616) if your child has tested positive and/or if your child has had close contact with a positive case. Thank you for your compliance with this important protocol, which will help us control the spread of the virus in our ongoing efforts to keep our community as safe as possible. 



NEW! Parent/Guardian & Student Website Logins

Beginning in October and over the next several months, we are going to be working on some revisions to the Peak to Peak website. The purpose for these revisions is to simplify the broader public view of the website, while still providing our Peak to Peak community of users with a robust and comprehensive resource. To do so, we will be changing the settings and restricting access to select pages and resources so that only those with a school-provided login will be able to view and access them. Students will be able to view any restricted access resources by logging into the website using their BVSD credentials that they use for Classlink, Gmail, Infinite Campus, and other resources. Parents and guardians can view any restricted access resources by logging into the accounts that are created by the school. Please read this letter or email Jen Dauzvardis. A good way to test your account to see whether you have the correct viewing permissions is to access the Staff Directory on the website. When you are logged in with the correct parent/guardian or student account, you will be able to see staff members' photographs or icons, not broken image links, when you search the directory. If no photographs appear, the permissions on your account should be checked. If you have questions or need assistance, please reach out to Jen Dauzvardis.


NEW! Garden Update

Did you know that Peak to Peak has a garden and seed library? Check out our harvesting updates on our website: Peak to Peak Garden and Seed Library. Many students and staff have sent pictures of their own gardens and harvests!  We are also looking for volunteers to help with projects throughout the year. Any time you can offer is greatly appreciated! Please sign up using this form and we will contact you: garden volunteers

Many thanks!

The Peak to Peak Garden Team:  Monika Bunting, Annie Sasseville, Kim Livingston, Matt Freshour

NEW!  News from the Health room

Please see the linked Student Information From the Health Room flyer.  The health room team is dedicated to the care of needs of your students!  Contact Donna Rader, p2p.healthroom@bvsd.org


NEW!  Quick Tip: Staying Connected - Google Classroom & Google Calendar 

Google Classroom and Google Calendars are integral technology tools that we use extensively at Peak to Peak. Teachers and students have unlimited access to the use of Google Classroom as a way of creating and submitting assignments. These tools make it easy for learners and instructors to connect both inside and outside of school. Watch this Quick Tip Video to learn how parents and guardians can also use these tools to stay connected.


Virtual Community Q & A on September 28th, 6:00-7:30 PM

Peak to Peak will be hosting a Virtual Community Q & A on September 28th, 6:00-7:30 PM. This is an opportunity for school administrators to hear from our community and to discuss topics of interest to you. You can access the Q & A session live by clicking on this Google Meet link. This link and meeting details will also be posted on the Peak to Peak home page and on the Peak to Peak K-12 Upcoming Events Calendar.  Here is the full joining information for your convenience:
Phone Numbers:
(‪US‬)‪+1 503-908-2462‬
PIN: ‪356 321 824#‬
To better understand the topics our community members are most interested in discussing or learning more about, we are providing an opportunity for input via this new Information, Discussion, & Feedback webpage on the Peak to Peak website. This page is only visible to parents/guardians using the school-provided login credentials and to adult members of the Peak to Peak staff. (Parents/Guardians, if you are unable to access this page or need assistance with your login and password, please read this letter or email Jen Dauzvardis for assistance.) This is a discussion format and members are encouraged to engage with one another and to build upon the suggested topics of interest. While we may not be able to address every topic or question suggested, we will do our best to capture the topic trends. The deadline for submitting comments and suggestions for the Virtual Community Q & A is September 23rd.

Please note: We are piloting this discussion format only for the September 28th event at this time. We will evaluate this tool following the event for potential future use.
This discussion format is for suggestions and topics to be addressed during the Community Virtual Q & A. It is not a strategy to solve a problem or to address an issue in an individual classroom or for an individual student. Issues such as these are more appropriately resolved through the Communication Pathways. We have recently added two new resources on our Communications webpage that you may fight helpful when addressing specific problems or issues: A Resource for Addressing Concerns & Questions and Principle for Productive Dialogue. 


Picture Retake Day on September 27th

Our K-12 Picture Retake Day will be on Monday, September 27th during school hours.  Elementary students will come down to the south lobby with their homerooms and secondary students will go to the auditeria during a study hall or lunch.  Families can order their photos on mylifetouch.com with school ID:  EVTMQ47DD


Attendance Reminders for 2021-2022 School Year

Choose any one of these three options to report a student absence or tardy: 
  • Log in to your Infinite Campus Parent Portal site to notify school staff of an expected student absence. Click here to report a student absence and read the step-by-step guide.
  • Email: p2p.attendance@bvsd.org 
  • Call the Attendance Line: (303) 453-4605 Speaking slowly, please leave a detailed voicemail with the following information:
      • Student's last name and first name
      • Student's grade
      • Date of absence
      • Reason for absence
      • Be sure to include your name, phone number, and relationship to the student

Online Extended Absence Form for 3 or more consecutive days out:  If your student will be absent for 3 or more days, please submit a Pre-arranged Absence form available online. Extended absences must be cleared with the principal at least one week prior to the scheduled absence.  Pre-Arranged Absence Forms can be found on the Peak to Peak website HERE

When picking up your student for an appointment or early dismissal: 

  • Come to the attendance window in the South Building and sign your student out on the pink sign out sheet
  • Please bring your drivers license or identification
  • We will call your student out of class when you arrive so please leave plenty of time
  • The only exception is if your student can drive themselves. You can then call the attendance line to excuse their dismissal, but please have your child still physically sign out at the attendance window  

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Elementary School News (grades K-5)


NEW! Elementary Conference Sign-up

We will have our first set of elementary conferences on October 6-8. We look forward to meeting with you and discussing your student’s progress! You need to sign-up for one slot with your grade level team through our scheduler, which can be found at this link: https://peaktopeak.as.me/  If you are unable to use the internet for this, or need extra assistance, please contact your teacher or elementary assistant principal Alison Berman (303-453-4640, alison.berman@bvsd.org) and we will assist you in scheduling a time slot. Please find additional instructions and information here.



NEW!  Artwork posted in Seesaw

Did you know?  Elementary artists use their Seesaw Art Journal to post their masterpieces for parents/guardians to see!  You may check your child’s Seesaw Art Journal for announcements about current projects going on in elementary art, as well as see your child’s finished artworks.  You can also comment on their artwork to tell them how much you love it!  When 1st-5th grade students post their final work in Seesaw, they are asked to 1) take a picture, and 2) talk about it.  When students talk about their art they increase their oracy as well as reflect on work they have done.  Kindergarten students, for the time being, may have quick snapshots of their work uploaded by Ms. Katy Mathes until they are ready to post for themselves.  In grades 3rd-5th, artists will also complete a self assessment activity in Seesaw and leave positive feedback for their fellow artists.  

Seesaw has an app for iOS as well as Android, and you can enable notifications so that you get announcements and see your child’s posts right away.  I know they will appreciate getting feedback from their parents about the artwork they have worked so hard on!

Email invites have been sent (or are on the way) to parents/guardians of students who did not have a parent/guardian already connected to their Seesaw Journal.  If you did not receive an email invite, you are either already registered or another parent/guardian in your household (according to Infinite Campus)  is registered.  Students can have more than one parent/guardian registered, so if you think you need to be added please email Ms. Katy Mathes at katherine.mathes@bvsd.org

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Secondary School News (grades 6-12)


Date Change to Secondary Conferences:  New Dates are Wednesday 10/6/21 and Thursday 10/7/21

The dates for October secondary conferences have changed from Thursday 10/7 and Friday 10/8 to now being held all virtually on Wednesday 10/6 and Thursday 10/7.  The times for the conferences will be 3:30-6:30 PM on both days. 


Student COVID Vaccine Records can be Voluntarily Sent to Health Room

If your student has been vaccinated for COVID and you would like the school to have a copy of the vaccine record you can email it to our Health Room at p2p.healthroom@bvsd.org.  This request is voluntary and not required.


mega  Weekly Secondary Student Announcements

Please click the following link or the Read More button to view the daily middle and high school student announcements:  "The Voice of Peak to Peak" (daily secondary student announcements)

Read more

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Middle School News (grades 6-8)



No updates 

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High School News (grades 9-12)



No updates

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Athletics & Activities (all school levels)




NEW! Puma Home Games
9/21  High School Boys Soccer vs Kent Denver 4:00/6:00
         High School Softball vs Academy 4:30 
9/23  High School Boys  JV Soccer vs Monarch C 4:00
         Middle School Boys Soccer vs Dawson 4:00/5:00

High School Boys Volleyball 
Peak to Peak athletics will be adding a new sport for this coming spring season! High School Boys Volleyball will be added to the schedule beginning February 28th. We are looking to field a varsity team that will compete in a 23-match season. Stay tuned for more information!  

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Friends of Peak to Peak (all school levels)




 NEW! Puma Pennant Program
Banners are starting to be made for our Puma Pennant Program participating businesses.  If you have a business or know of one who may be interested in sponsoring Peak to Peak through this program please check out our Pennant Program link. Thank you!




K-12 Community Homecoming Tailgate Party - Wednesday, September 22nd
Mark your calendars to swing by our Homecoming Tailgate party (no admission fee) next Wednesday, September 22nd starting at 4:30pm.  We hope you can join us for food trucks, kids activities, high school "Puma Bowl" flag football game, P2P baseball fall ball game, and a great opportunity to connect with other Puma families.  Participating food trucks include: Sweet Combforts (waffle pops and savory sandwiches) Sebs Woodfire Pizza, Kona Ice, Birdies 44 (@birdies_44 ig) wings/tacos/grill and Eats and Sweets (sandwiches, salads, ice cream).  Also, be sure to check out our Puma baseball team which will be playing against Manuel High school and will also have hot dogs and other concessions available at the team grill.  The majority of activities will be happening in the northeast parking lot (next to the track) so please plan to park in the main lot, baseball/softball field lots, or the back "East" lot.  Thank you to LSU (Latino Student Union), NHS (National Honor Society) Middle School Student Council, ASU (Asian Student Union) for hosting activities and P2P parent business  "Tier Two Live" for sponsoring our DJ booth. We hope to see you there!



Attention Cornhole Players and Fans!  Teams are filling up...

Mark your calendars for our 1st ever P2P Cornhole Tournament on Sunday, October 10th at Front Range Brewing in Lafayette.  This event in lieu of our annual golf outing will be a fundraiser for our Athletics and Activities Department.  Teams will be limited so if you think you want to play, please pre- register here at your earliest convenience! Spectators are also welcome (please pre-register) as this will be a great opportunity to meet some of our coaches and other Puma families who support our many athletics and activities at Peak to Peak.  



Looking for Peak Annual Fund Family Ambassadors 
Interested in helping with this year's Peak Annual Fund Drive?  The Peak Annual Fund which kicks off in October is our most important fundraiser each year and our volunteer ambassadors are an important part of providing feedback on materials, communicating information, and are available to answer questions from community members.  Please contact Friends of Peak to Peak to learn more.    



Peak to Peak Parent/Guardian Book Club
Virtual meet, Thursday, September 23rd 7 - 8:00pm.  Meeting ID:  meet.google.com/woe-emka-xmx.  Guests will enjoy hearing from High School English Teacher Karen Amidon and enjoy a lively discussion about this interesting book read in our high school English classes.  For questions or more information, please contact P2P parent Marian Freshour.    


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Volunteer (all school levels)

vols  Volunteer Needs
  • Staff Lunch:  Our first staff lunch is Wednesday, September 29th.   We are seeking volunteers to set up/clean up, serve and provide food.  Please sign up here, Soup and Salad Lunch, and contact Nicole Harrison with questions.
  • Garden Volunteers:  Please sign up using this form and we will contact you, garden volunteers
  • High School College Day:  College Day is coming to our campus on Wednesday, September 29th and we are seeking snacks and small prizes for our secondary students.  Sign up here to donate and contact Macaela Holmes Fuller


Volunteer Information

Once on-site volunteering resumes, we will continue to request fingerprints from anyone who intends to volunteer more than once during the school year.  If you had your fingerprints done previously and completed our volunteer waiver and release form then you do not need to complete any volunteer paperwork this year!  Please make sure you have a photo volunteer ID card with a barcode on the back.  If you do not have a photo ID card please stop by the Volunteer Station at registration or contact the office staff.  Please contact Traci Schoeneweis or 303-453-4682 to verify your volunteer status if you are unsure.

If you only intend to volunteer once then you will be required to do the background check (not fingerprints) and the volunteer waiver and release form each year.  You will be given a one-time volunteer ticket to turn in when you volunteer the one time.  Please follow this link to print them or pick them up at registration:  Volunteer Information

Volunteer training is online.  Anyone that is new to the school needs to view this before volunteering.  If you have previously attended or taken the volunteer training you do not need to do it again.  It’s a good idea for returning volunteers to view this as well for a refresher on protocols.  Follow this link Volunteer Training to view the information.  It can also be found on the volunteer page of the school website.

Enter Volunteer Hours from Home:  Thank you for helping us track your hours for our records!  See this training on how to enter volunteer hours from home. 

Your Volunteer Team would love to hear from you. If you have any interest in volunteering for anything at all but do not know where to start please email either Allie Cross or Rachel Hirt, Volunteer Coordinators.  They would love to meet you!  

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