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    • Common Sense Parenting classes
    • Elementary yearbooks
    • Elementary conference sign-up
    • Secondary October conference information
    • Student COVID vaccine records
    • Student announcements
    • New staff introductions and House System launch
    • PSAT testing information
    • PSAT testing information
    • Overnight field trip cancelled
    • No updates
    • Cornhole tournament
    • 21-22 community t-shirts
    • Puma Pennant Program
    • 21-22 Peak Scholarship Fund
    • Tailgating party thank you
    • Volunteer needs - see how you can help!
    • Volunteer information and Team

All School News


NEW! COVID-19 Dashboard, Cases, and Information

We received several questions this week due to a jump in COVID cases at Peak to Peak. Active cases and quarantines are reported on BVSD’s COVID-19 Dashboard which is updated with data from the BVSD nursing staff and contains the most current and accurate information. You can find information on the COVID Health and Safety page on our website. This page is linked in several places on the home page and can always be found through the “School Safety” icon at the bottom of every page on the website. 

We are highly compliant with the reporting processes and subsequent protocols which are reflected in the dashboard numbers. We recognize that the shift this week was alarming for some and we understand your requests for more information. We are committed to providing as much information as possible while still respecting the privacy of others and the processes we are bound to by BVSD and Boulder County Public Health (BCPH). 

Here are answers to the common questions we’ve received...please click the below Read More button to read the entire article on COVID-19 Dashboard, Cases, and Information.

Read more


NEW!  Fundraising by Counting

The easiest way to support Peak to Peak financially is simply to be counted.  The October Pupil Count window this year is Friday, September 24th thru Friday, October 8th. This is the process that determines our funding by the State.  Each school receives funds for each student in their attendance.  September 24th thru October 8th are the days that the State will gather its data for payments, with the most important day being Friday, October 1st.  All our students have to do is 'be here' to be counted.  We ask that there are no extended absences during this window.  Thank you for your support.


NEW! REMINDER: Virtual Community Q & A on September 28th, 6:00-7:30 PM

Peak to Peak will be hosting a Virtual Community Q & A on September 28th, 6:00-7:30 PM. This is an opportunity for school administrators to hear from our community and to discuss topics of interest to you. You can access the Q & A session live by clicking on this Google Meet link. This link and meeting details will also be posted on the Peak to Peak homepage and on the Peak to Peak K-12 Upcoming Events Calendar.  Here is the full joining information for your convenience: 

Meeting ID:  meet.google.com/ima-kvme-rsy

Phone Numbers:

(‪US‬)‪+1 503-908-2462‬

PIN: ‪356 321 824#‬

Thank you to those that helped us pilot the comment forum with ideas for topics to address during the Q&A. The comments for this event are now closed. We will evaluate the use of this platform for future discussions. Additional opportunities will be announced in the Weekly Friday Digest. 


NEW! REMINDER: COVID On-Site Testing 2021

All families and staff have to register or re-register and sign consent to be eligible for mobile on-site testing. To register please go to www.bvsd.org/covidtesting and select the staff and students icon. A paper registration and consent form is available at the testing table and can be given directly to the COVID team onsite or scanned/emailed to @health covid 

On-site testing will be at Peak to Peak every other Thursday from 8:00-11:00 AM.  It is located outside the south building by the flagpole.  The next Thursday it will be here is September 30, 2021.  It is only open to staff and current BVSD students.  


NEW! Picture Retake Day POSTPONED

Our K-12 Picture Retake Day that was scheduled for Monday 9/27 has been postponed.  Lifetouch had some technical issues and was not able to get student photo proofs out prior to retake day.  We will distribute proofs as soon as we receive them from Lifetouch and then schedule retake day.  It will likely be sometime in early October.


NEW! REMINDER:  Please Stay Home with Any Symptoms

The Boulder Valley School District and Peak to Peak’s goal is to keep students in-person five days a week, with as few COVID-19-related interruptions as possible.  We need everyone’s support to accomplish this goal – primarily by following our cardinal health protocols: stay home if you are sick or if you’ve been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

Students or staff experiencing any of the following symptoms MUST STAY HOME:

Major Symptoms that last longer than 24 hrs:

  • Fever (100.4 or above)
  • Cough 
  • Chills or feeling feverish
  • Shortness of Breath 
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Anyone experiencing any major COVID symptom that lasts longer than 24 hrs must have a negative PCR COVID test to return to school or they will need to stay home for 10 days.

Minor Symptoms that last longer than 48hrs:

  • Runny nose or Congestion
  • Sore Throat
  • Headache
  • Muscle / Body aches or pain
  • Diarrhea 
  • Vomiting / Nausea
  • Feeling extremely tired 
  • Anyone experiencing any other COVID-like symptoms (minor symptoms) that last longer than 48 hrs must have a negative PCR COVID test to return to school or they will need to stay home for 10 days.

Testing is available through BVSD and COVID Check Colorado throughout the district - see the schedule here.  If your child has been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID within the last 10 days please contact your school to determine if they need to quarantine at home and/or need a COVID test to return.  If you have questions about returning to school/work after an illness, please contact our Health Room. 

NEW!  Positions Available for Substitute Teachers and Paraprofessional Substitutes

We wanted to thank the community for your support last year with our need for Classroom Monitors.  We have also had success with our new in-house substitutes.  But we need your help!  Since we currently cannot have volunteers on site, we are hoping that some community members may be interested in helping us out as a paid staff member.  We are seeking individuals to fill two roles to help with in-person learning. These are excellent opportunities for anyone seeking part-time or temporary work with our incredible students!  Please visit our Current Openings webpage to view and apply for these (or any other) positions.  We also ask for your help to please spread the word about all of our current openings. Please contact Traci Schoeneweis with any questions.

Below is a description of the two specific positions:

Substitute Teachers:  Substitute Teachers lead instruction following a lesson plan provided by the teacher.  Applicants for Substitute Teacher positions will need to go through the required hiring steps and paperwork, necessary trainings, and an observation process by an administrator.  A bachelor's degree is required for this position.

 Substitute Teacher

  • Position begins immediately. Pay rate is $14.40 per hour on Mondays through Thursdays and $20.00 per hour on Fridays.

Paraprofessional Substitutes:  Paraprofessional Substitutes help cover various support roles on site in areas such as all-level classrooms, offices, health room or lunch room and recess.

 Paraprofessional Substitute

  • Position begins immediately in all instructional levels, office, health room or lunch/recess. Pay rate is $14.40 per hour.


NEW!  Curriculum Proposals 

It is our process to invite our school community to provide feedback on proposed new curriculum. We are asking our community for input, not votes, as teachers prepared these derived from student interests, etc.  Below you will find links to new curriculum proposals. If you have any feedback on the below new proposal please email Traci Schoeneweis by Friday, October 1, 2021, 3:00 PM. All comments will be sent to the Curriculum Committee. Thank you.

Proposed Update to Advanced Computer Science: Data Structures - grades 10th-12th 

"Undefeated" New Text Proposal - 8th grade

"All American Muslim Girl" New Text Proposal - 8th grade 



NEW!  Fire Drill Today 

All K-12 students participated in a monthly fire drill.  It was only a drill and no threat/danger on site.  These monthly safety drills are required for all BVSD schools. 


NEW!  P2P Community: Traffic Alert -- Please Be Safe and Be Good Neighbors!

Dear Peak to Peak Community,

We have recently received some complaints from our neighbors about traffic issues in and around the school during drop-off and pick-up times. Specifically, neighbors have observed Peak to Peak drivers engaging in the following: 

  1. Blocking access to our neighbors’ driveways on Spaulding and Sir Galahad Streets. Please do not stop or park in front of driveways. 
  2. North driveway issues: 
    • Please make use of the entire drive by pulling forward as far as possible before stopping to drop-off/pick-up. 
    • Do not use the left lane (the through lane) to drop-off/pick-up. 
    • Refrain from using the North parking lot for drop-off/pick-up as it disrupts the flow of traffic. 
    • Encourage your students to use the crosswalk during drop-off/pick-up for their safety and to ease congestion. 
  3. Speeding between E. Emma and Spaulding Streets in front of our campus;  Please slow down and observe posted speed limits and school zone rules. 
  4. Using the wide, asphalted area in front of the homes on the west side of Merlin Drive as a parking lot. This area serves as our neighbors’ driveway, so please do not park there.
  5. Texting and otherwise using cell phones while driving; please put your phones away while you are driving and pay attention to your surroundings.

In short, please obey all traffic laws and be considerate of our neighbors. The safety of our students and families is our number one priority. It is our collective responsibility to prevent senseless and deadly accidents that can occur when drivers get in a hurry or are distracted. We have been in touch with the Lafayette Police about these complaints; drivers who break the law can and will be ticketed. 

Thank you for your attention to these serious issues,

Kelly Reeser, Executive Director of Education 


NEW! Fragrance Sensitivity Statement 

You may see signs outside of classrooms or offices on campus indicating a “Fragrance Free Zone.”  Please know that as a community, we are respecting our staff, students, and visitors with known fragrance sensitivities by limiting fragrances (perfume, cologne, scented lotions, scented hand sanitizers and similar products) in these areas.  

Fragrance sensitivity is either an irritation or an allergic reaction to some chemical, or combination of chemicals, in a product. Although perfumes and colognes are generally what come to mind when discussing fragrance sensitivity, fragrance is often added to a variety of daily use items including but not limited to toiletries, hand sanitizers, air fresheners, and cleaning products. Symptoms of fragrance sensitivity can include headaches, nausea, and a skin allergy like contact dermatitis, which causes redness, itching, and burning. Watery, itching, burning, and red eyes; sneezing; runny nose; and congestion are also common. In some cases, individuals experience breathing difficulties, such as wheezing, a tight feeling in the chest, or worsening of asthma symptoms. 


NEW! Lost and Found Donation

Peak to Peak's lost and found items are located on the first-floor hallway of the south building just outside of the health room. Due to space constraints, items are donated at the end of each month. If your student is missing an item, we invite you to look through the items during school business hours.   Please check for any lost items in September by 3:00 PM on Wednesday, September 29th. 

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Elementary School News (grades K-5)


NEW! Common Sense Parenting Classes

We are excited to share that the district is hosting a virtual Common Sense Parenting class this spring, beginning October 4th. (This course is aligned to the Well Managed Schools behavior approach our elementary school has been using over the last several years and shares strategies and language for shaping behavior in the home.) Many parents have attended previously and found it to be extremely beneficial, and the teachers of the course have shared that the virtual format has been very successful in the past year. You can see more information on dates, times, and registration information here: Common Sense Parenting Class.


NEW!  Elementary School Yearbook

Yearbooks are now on sale! Order your yearbook during the month of September and get 10% off!  Order at TreeRing.com
Each yearbook comes with 2 custom pages. Download the TreeRing app onto your mobile device to make uploading pictures for your custom pages a breeze! To learn more about the TreeRing app and to get the link to the app store, check TreeRing's Help Center.

We love getting pictures from our P2P families and friends! If you have a photo you would like to submit for the yearbook, please select the homeroom or event within the TreeRing app to submit your photos. You can also email your photos to Kathleen Weil at kathleen.weil@bvsd.org.

Elementary Conference Sign-up

We will have our first set of elementary conferences on October 6-8. We look forward to meeting with you and discussing your student’s progress! You need to sign-up for one slot with your grade level team through our scheduler, which can be found at this link: https://peaktopeak.as.me/  If you are unable to use the internet for this, or need extra assistance, please contact your teacher or elementary assistant principal Alison Berman (303-453-4640, alison.berman@bvsd.org) and we will assist you in scheduling a time slot. Please find additional instructions and information here.

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Secondary School News (grades 6-12)


NEW! Parent/Guardian/Student/Teacher Conference Information

Dear Secondary Families,

We are pleased to offer digital sign-ups through Acuity Scheduling to arrange virtual parent/guardian/student/teacher conferences with our 6-12th grade teachers this fall. Shortly, teachers will have updated recommendations on each student's course progress reports and grade reports in Infinite Campus. If you haven’t done so already, please take a few moments to check your Infinite Campus portals and review grade report comments for each class your student is enrolled in. If a conference is recommended by a teacher, or if you have topics you'd like to discuss about a specific course, you may go to the link for Acuity Scheduling, beginning at 7:00 PM on Friday, October 1st (shared in the Friday Puma Digest). Once there, you may select a 10-minute appointment time on either Wednesday, October 6th or Thursday, October 7th between 3:30-6:30 p.m. If a conference is not recommended, you do not need to attend or schedule any conference appointments unless you’d like to check in with a specific teacher of your choice. If attending conferences, we do request that students attend along with parents/guardians as important participants in our conference meetings.  

Once scheduled, you will receive an appointment confirmation for each conference meeting. You can save these right into your calendars of choice. Teachers will also be sending you a Google Meet link for your scheduled session. Please wait to enter your meeting until your time begins, and be aware that some teachers may be using one conference meet invitation for all of their students and families. If you arrive in a meeting that is still in progress, please give participants a moment or two to wrap up and maintain privacy for families. 

Thank you for planning ahead for our conferences. We hope this process continues to meet the needs of our students, families, and staff. We appreciate your feedback to help us continually improve our conference offerings each year.


Kyle Mathews, High School Principal

Clara Quinlan, Middle School Principal 


Student COVID Vaccine Records can be Voluntarily Sent to Health Room

If your student has been vaccinated for COVID and you would like the school to have a copy of the vaccine record you can email it to our Health Room at p2p.healthroom@bvsd.org.  This request is voluntary and not required.


mega  Weekly Secondary Student Announcements

Please click the following link or the Read More button to view the daily middle and high school student announcements:  "The Voice of Peak to Peak" (daily secondary student announcements)

Read more

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Middle School News (grades 6-8)



NEW!  New Staff Introductions & House System Launch

Dear Middle School Students and Families,

As the fall weather rolls in, we’re reminded that we’ve been back to school for six weeks now - learning, discovering and connecting together. This feels like a monumental win in and of itself after the distance and separation of last school year! From student fishbowl interviews in Spanish 2, to original organism projects in Life Science, to light box art projects in 3D Art Design, middle schoolers are actively engaging in the creative and inquiry-driven instructional challenges our staff presents to them each day. We are equally proud of our students’ participation in our developing opportunities this year: we invite student presenters to practice their speaking skills and recite the Pledge of Allegiance in our morning announcements; we welcome participants in our new student clubs (e.g, Builder's Club, National Junior Art Honors Society, Environmental Club); we are currently recruiting student leaders for our reimagined Lunch Squad roles; and we thank all middle schoolers for their “full steam ahead” approach to our house system launch this fall. While there is much to celebrate, we want to specifically highlight...please click the below Read More button to read the entire article on MS Staff Introductions & House System Launch.

Read more


NEW! PSAT Testing Information
On Wednesday, October 13th, 8th graders will take the PSAT 8/9. The test will begin at 8:00 AM and students should arrive no later than 7:45 AM to ensure they have enough time to find their testing room and so everyone can start on time. Students will be done testing and dismissed for the day by 12:00 PM, except for those testing with extended time. Parents with students testing longer will receive an email with additional information. If you have any questions, please reach out to Tracy Durland.
6th and 7th graders will not take the PSAT and will instead participate in grade level walking field trips. All students will be dismissed at 12:00 PM. More information, as well as permission slips, will be coming soon from Grade Level Leaders. 

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High School News (grades 9-12)


NEW! PSAT Testing Information
On Wednesday, October 13th, 11th graders will take the PSAT/NMSQT. The test will begin at 8:00 AM and students should arrive no later than 7:45 AM to ensure they have enough time to find their testing room and so everyone can start on time. Students will be done testing and dismissed for the day by 12:00 PM, except for those testing with extended time. Students testing with extended time will dismiss around 1:15 PM; a separate email with additional information is coming soon. If you have any questions, please reach out to Tracy Durland.  There will be no classes on this day for any secondary students. 9th, 10th, and 12th grade students should not come to school. 



NEW!  Overnight Field Trip Cancelled
Dear 9th and 10th grade families,
We regret to inform you that we have made the difficult decision to cancel our 9th and 10th grade all-class overnight experiences to Camp Timberline originally scheduled for October 13th - 15th and October 27th - 29th. We had hoped that COVID conditions and BVSD field trip protocols would allow us to retain these valuable class bonding, character building experiences. We will continue to look for creative solutions for our students to engage with each other outside of the classroom like our successful chuck-the-chicken and homecoming events. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we prioritize the health and well-being of our community. Refunds for the fees collected for Camp Timberline will be processed by next Friday. Please contact Amy Skinner or Josh Benson with any questions.  Thank you.

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Athletics & Activities (all school levels)




No updates

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Friends of Peak to Peak (all school levels)




 NEW! Attention Cornhole Players and Fans!  Tournament is 2 weeks away.  ALL community members and skill levels are welcome.
Be sure to secure your spot for the 1st ever P2P Cornhole Tournament on Sunday, October 10th at Front Range Brewing in Lafayette.  This event in lieu of our annual golf outing will be a fundraiser for our Athletics and Activities Department.  Teams will be limited so if you think you want to play, please pre- register here at your earliest convenience! Spectators are also welcome with a $10 donation that includes a non-alcoholic/or alcoholic drink of your choice (please pre-register).  This event will be a great opportunity to meet some of our coaches and other Puma families who support our many athletics and activities at Peak to Peak.  



NEW! 21-22 Community T-Shirts
If you are a new family to P2P who missed registration and did not receive one of this year's t-shirts donated by a Peak to Peak parent (and would like one) please let us know!   We have a handful of each size left and would love to get one to you. Please take a moment to fill out this order form.  Sizes run YXS - Adult XXXL. 



NEW! Puma Pennant Program

Banners are being printed for our Puma Pennant Program participating businesses.  If you have a business or know of one who may be interested in sponsoring Peak to Peak through this program please check out our Pennant Program link. Thank you!



NEW! 21-22 Peak Scholarship Fund 
With our annual College Day next week, it's a great time to learn more about the Peak Scholarship Fund!  We invite all community members to learn about this impactful giving opportunity supporting eligible graduating seniors, and read about a few of our recent recipients.  Please contact Friends of Peak to Peak or our high school counseling office with any questions about this important campaign.   



NEW! Tailgate Party Thank You!
Thanks to everyone who came out to our Homecoming Tailgate Party and Puma Bowl! A special thank you to:  Peak to Peak's Asian Student Union, Society of Women Engineering Club, Latino Student Union, National Honor Society, Middle and High School Student Councils, our student and parent volunteers, baseball grill volunteers, and P2P parent Dave Heinrich /Tier Two Live who provided music for the event. With the "Puma Bowl" going into overtime, and our baseball team making a comeback in the last inning, it was a fun evening all around!     


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Volunteer (all school levels)

vols  Volunteer Needs
  • Staff Lunch:  Our first staff lunch is Wednesday, September 29th.   We are seeking volunteers to set up/clean up, serve and provide food.  Please sign up here, Soup and Salad Lunch, and contact Nicole Harrison with questions.
  • Garden Volunteers:  The garden needs work throughout the year, please sign up using this form and we will contact you, garden volunteers
  • High School College Day:  College Day is coming to our campus on Wednesday, September 29th and we are seeking snacks and small prizes for our secondary students.  Sign up here to donate and contact Macaela Holmes Fuller
  • Health Room:  Seeking a volunteer to help in the health room, no experience necessary and training will be provided.  Contact Traci Schoeneweis


Volunteer Information

Once on-site volunteering resumes, we will continue to request fingerprints from anyone who intends to volunteer more than once during the school year.  If you had your fingerprints done previously and completed our volunteer waiver and release form then you do not need to complete any volunteer paperwork this year!  Please make sure you have a photo volunteer ID card with a barcode on the back.  If you do not have a photo ID card please stop by the Volunteer Station at registration or contact the office staff.  Please contact Traci Schoeneweis or 303-453-4682 to verify your volunteer status if you are unsure.

If you only intend to volunteer once then you will be required to do the background check (not fingerprints) and the volunteer waiver and release form each year.  You will be given a one-time volunteer ticket to turn in when you volunteer the one time.  Please follow this link to print them or pick them up at registration:  Volunteer Information

Volunteer training is online.  Anyone that is new to the school needs to view this before volunteering.  If you have previously attended or taken the volunteer training you do not need to do it again.  It’s a good idea for returning volunteers to view this as well for a refresher on protocols.  Follow this link Volunteer Training to view the information.  It can also be found on the volunteer page of the school website.

Enter Volunteer Hours from Home:  Thank you for helping us track your hours for our records!  See this training on how to enter volunteer hours from home. 

Your Volunteer Team would love to hear from you. If you have any interest in volunteering for anything at all but do not know where to start please email either Allie Cross or Rachel Hirt, Volunteer Coordinators.  They would love to meet you!  

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