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Week of: 2/27/23-3/3/23
K-12 Early Release on Friday, March 3rd
  • K-5 released at 12:50 PM (unless students have pre-registered for the after school event who will be dismissed at 3:00 PM)
  • 6-12 released at 1:00 PM (no secondary lunch served)

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    • K-5 early release after school event for March 3rd
    • Yearbook
    • Student announcements
    • Current 6th and 7th grade course selection
    • Peak Week gear
    • Peak Week notice
    • Updated times for college field trips
    • Counseling Digest
    • Home games
    • Secondary spring sports registration
    • Peak Gala is 2 Weeks Away Tickets Still on Sail! 
    • Auction Item Drop Off and Meet and Greet at the District in Lafayette
    • Online sweepstakes reminder
    • Volunteer needs - see how you can help!
    • Volunteer information and Team

All School News


NEW!  BOD Candidate Virtual Information Sessions   

There will be two virtual information sessions for anyone interested in possible candidacy for our Board of Directors.  The session will give you a brief explanation of BOD responsibilities.  The sessions are the same and there is no need to RSVP:

If you are unable to attend and would like to have further information, please contact Traci.M.Schoeneweis  

NEW!  Lost and Found Donation
Peak to Peak's lost and found items are located on the first-floor hallway of the south building just outside of the health room. Due to space constraints, items are donated at the end of each month. If your student is missing an item, we invite you to look through the items during school business hours.   Please check for any lost items in February by 2:00 PM on February 27th.  Regarding lost and found, we have many valuable items located in our main office safe including glasses, watches, AirPods, and keys. If your student is missing anything of value, please have them check in the main office in the south building.     

NEW!  K-12 Pi Day Competition
We will be holding the Pi Day recitation competition on Tuesday  March 14th. We ask that elementary students of any age memorize by heart at least 20 digits or more, middle schoolers memorize at least 50 digits or more, and high schoolers at least 80 digits or more.  Please fill out the form for attendance so that we can send you a certificate of participation and give the top 3 memorizers prizes.  Sign up using the link below or on the QR codes on posters around the school. It is our last year to hear our senior Faith recite many many digits - will there be a new challenger to her school record? Good luck!

NEW!  Charter School Teacher Job Fair, March 11th
Spread the word! Each spring, Peak to Peak hosts the Charter School Teacher Job Fair for charter schools across Colorado and surrounding states. If you or someone you know, is looking for employment in a school, this is an excellent opportunity for job seekers to meet with dozens of school representatives in a single location, on a single day. Please visit www.CPDColorado.org for more information and to register for this free event!

End-of-Year Student Information from Our Registrar
As we approach the end of the school year I have a couple reminders for our families.
  • Is your student(s) returning to Peak to Peak in the fall?  If not, please notify our registrar of your student's potential transfer, vicki.lundquist@bvsd.org.  (If your move is not yet a certainty, your student will not be removed from our list until the move is definite.  We just like to make note of the possibilities) 
  • End of Year Withdrawals/Transfers:  We ask ALL students that will be transferring to a different school for the next school year, even those that have gone through open enrollment to attend another BVSD school, to formally withdraw.  This just means complete and return our withdrawal form, turn in Peak to Peak materials, and clear all accounts.  Please touch base with our bookkeeper to clear accounts, amy.skinner@bvsd.org , return all checked out materials, (library books, uniforms, classroom materials, etc.), close lunch accounts, and clean out lockers.  Once done please email completed withdrawal forms to our registrar, vicki.lundquist@bvsd.org .  The withdrawal form is HERE.
  • Final Report Cards:  Please plan ahead... Once grades are finalized for the current school year, which is about two weeks after the last day of school, please visit your Parent Portal and PRINT your students report card for your records.  It will only be available until the new school year becomes active.  This is for all students K-12.  For our drivers, this is what the insurance company will require for good driver discounts.

Spring Testing 
As you may know, our 3rd-11th grade students will complete Spring testing in April again this year. To learn more about these assessments, please read our parent letter. To view the schedule, learn more about which tests your student(s) will take, and access additional information about these assessments, please check out the Spring Testing page of our website. (Make sure to log in!) We encourage all of our students to participate in these assessments. If you have questions about your student's participation, I welcome the opportunity to talk with you about this important effort no later than March 5th, which is the district deadline for submitting written requests to opt out of CMAS testing. Please email Tracy Durland with any questions.

2023 Request for Peak to Peak Board of Director Candidates  
The 2023 election for the Peak to Peak Board of Directors is coming in early May.  There will be THREE OPEN SEATS for elected board members. All three seats have 3-year terms.  All non-employee school and local community members are encouraged to consider serving on the board.  Any candidate for the Peak to Peak Board of Directors, in order to have his or her name placed on the ballot, must deliver a signed Peak to Peak Board Handbook form at the time of his or her candidacy submission, which constitutes an agreement to abide by the Board Orientation/Training requirements in the Board Handbook.  The Board Handbook will be sent to any candidate who is interested in possible candidacy for review.  REMINDER:  Candidates who are elected will no longer receive automatic enrollment for their students. 

Election Committee members for 2023 are:  Riddhi Gandhi (community member), Alison Griffin (community member), Chad Phillips (community member), Gene Maine (Accountability Committee member), Traci Schoeneweis (staff member), Marlene Martin (BOD member), and David Woo (BOD member).  In addition to attending the information sessions, you can learn more by attending an upcoming board meeting, speaking with a current or previous board member, and reviewing the Board of Directors' page on our website. 

Once you have decided to run for a board seat, you must formally declare your candidacy by submitting to traci.m.schoeneweis@bvsd.org written responses to the following questions by Monday, April 3, 2023, 3:00 PM : (BOD CANDIDATE QUESTIONS)

  1. Please provide an introductory paragraph about yourself (150 words or less).  A single photograph of yourself is optional but encouraged.  Please do NOT include any links to outside websites or resources.
  2. Please explain what appeals to you most about Peak to Peak.
  3. Briefly describe why you wish to serve on the Peak to Peak Board of Directors.
  4. What experience and skills would you bring to the Peak to Peak Board of Directors?
  5. What do you feel is the most important issue now facing Peak to Peak?
  6. Please describe your familiarity with Peak to Peak's Strategic Plan and explain the direction in which you would like to see Peak to Peak progress.
  7. What do you understand Peak to Peak's philosophy to be and how do you support it?
  8. If elected, how do you expect to separate your parental and board member duties? 

A preliminary candidate list will be published to all of the candidates after the candidacy deadline.  Candidates will then have the opportunity to withdraw from the election if they change their mind about running or make any edits to their responses by April 5th.  Responses from the candidates who wish to remain in the election will be distributed to families in our Friday, April 7th Weekly Digest and published on our website.  

All candidates are strongly encouraged to attend our candidate question & answer session on Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023.  Voting instructions and timeline will be communicated to the entire Peak to Peak community in May.  Please see the below Election Guidelines information sheet for election information, timeline, and campaign guidelines.   Please contact Traci Schoeneweis at traci.m.schoeneweis@bvsd.org or 303-453-4682 with questions.  

Thank you,

The 2023 Peak to Peak Election Committee 




Be Prepared! 
All parents and guardians of Peak to Peak students should periodically review the school's: 
In addition, please visit our Need to Know page for more items, including information about:
  • Social Media
  • Community Bulletin
Important links and additional resources can be found on the Parent/Guardian Page of the school's website.

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Elementary School News (grades K-5)


K-5 Early Release After School "Buggy Fun" Event on March 3rd 12:50-3:00 PM
We are excited to announce our next elementary early release after school event!  These events allow our elementary students to stay for a full day on certain early release days. Parents/guardians do not have to pick up the students who attend until 3:00 PM and all proceeds go to support our K-12 student clubs!
All K-5 students are invited to attend our next early release after school event on Friday, March 3rd from 12:50-3:00 PM in our south gym.  The theme will be "Buggy Fun"!  The cost is $10 per student. Some of the fun activities will include:  games, crafts, snacks and watching "A Bug's Life".  See this flyer!   
In order to attend, the students must be pre-registered by end of day on Wednesday, March 1st by completing the following form:  https://peaktopeakcharter.revtrak.net/early-release/#/list

Elementary School Yearbooks Are Now On Sale!!

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: YEARBOOKS ARE NOW ON SALE!!  Order your yearbook by March 16, 2023 to ensure delivery to the school in May. Order at TreeRing.com. School code is 1015361813341879.  Custom pages are available at no additional cost. Custom pages must be completed by March 16,2023. Login to your TreeRing account to learn more and create your custom pages. 

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Secondary School News (grades 6-12)



Weekly Secondary Student Announcements

Please click Secondary Student Announcements 2022-2023 to view the daily student announcements for the week. 


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Middle School News (grades 6-8)


2023-2024 Course Selection Letter To Parents/ Guardians for Current 6th & 7th Graders
Dear Peak to Peak Middle School Families,

In a continuing effort to maintain ongoing communication with our middle school community, we are sending this letter to inform you of the upcoming course selection process. Our course selection process has many layers, and we want to make sure you are fully aware of parent/guardian and student expectations. 

The course selection process begins...please click 6th and 7th Course Selection to read the entire article. 


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High School News (grades 9-12)



NEW!  Peak Week Gear

Special Peak Week sweatshirts and t-shirts are available for interested students, staff and community members. Orders must be made at this link by the end of Wednesday, March 1st. Thank you to junior Yada Jaraschatrkaew for creating the artwork for this year's apparel!


Peak Week Notice

Dear high school families,

Welcome to spring semester! Peak Week is nearly upon us (March 20-24), so we want to remind you about some of the logistics of our experiential learning week so all are successful in participating in this new graduation requirement.

First, and most importantly...please click Peak Week Notice to read the entire article.

Updated Times for College Field Trips 

Hello High School Families, 

Please mark your calendars for February 27 & 28 as college field trips have returned!! All field trips are mandatory parts of the curriculum and attendance is required.  Thank you!

9th Grade:
  • Monday, February 27- Day of Community Service (on your own!).  
    Please do NOT come to school as all staff will be attending college field trips.

  • Tuesday, February 28- College Field Trip to the University of Colorado Boulder 
    Buses will leave from the Cafeteria Lot  Arrive by 9 a.m. Return by 1:45 p.m.
10th Grade:
  • Monday, February 27  College Field Trips 
    Buses will depart from the North Side of the Building by the Gym Doors on Puma Drive
    Arrive by 8:30 a.m.  Return by 2:15 p.m.
    Students who have Gannett (last names A-D) or Bostic (Last names L-R) as their counselor will go to Colorado State University
    Students who have Creek  (Last names E-K) or Campbell (Last names S-Z)  as their counselor will go to University of Northern Colorado

  • Tuesday, February 28 College Field Trips
    Buses will depart from the North Side of the Building by the Gym Doors on Puma Drive
    Arrive by 8:30 a.m.   Return by 2:15 p.m.
    Students who have Gannett (last names A-D) or Bostic (Last names L-R) as their counselor will go to  University of Northern Colorado
    Students who have Creek (Last names E-K) or Campbell (Last names S-Z) as their counselor will go to Colorado State University

11th Grade: 

  • Monday, February 27  College Field Trips/Balance Day Buses will leave from the Circle in front of the school.
    Students who have Gannett (last names A-D) or Bostic (last names L-Re) as their counselor will go to University of Colorado Colorado Springs & Colorado College. Arrive by 7:45 a.m. Return by 5 p.m.

    Students who have Creek (Last names E-K) or Campbell (Last names Rf-Z) as their counselor will go to the Louisville "Spot"  Arrive by 8:45a.m. Return by1:30p.m. Parents and Guardians be sure to sign the additional waiver that was emailed in the counseling update & is available in the Class of 2024 Google Classroom! 
  • Tuesday, February 28 College Field Trips/Balance Day
    Students who have Gannett (last names A-D) or Bostic (last names L-Re)   as their counselor will go to the Louisville "Spot"   Arrive by 8:45a.m. Return by1:30p.m.   Parents and Guardians be sure to sign the additional waiver that was emailed in the counseling update & is available in the Class of 2024 Google Classroom! 
           Students who have Creek (Last names E-K) or  Campbell (Last names Rf-Z) as their counselor will go to University of Colorado Colorado Springs & Colorado College  Arrive by 7:45  a.m. Return by 5 p.m.
12th Grade:  No school.  These are great days to visit colleges where you have been admitted OR to finish your community service hours!! 


Weekly Counseling Digest

Please click HERE  to read the weekly Counseling Digest. 

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Athletics & Activities (all school levels)




Puma Home Games 
Congratulations to our HS girls, HS boys and MS girls basketball teams who all made it through the first round of playoff games this week! 

NEW!  Secondary Spring Sports Registration 
Registration is still open and tryouts are quickly approaching for the following High School and Middle School spring sports:
HS Baseball - 2/27 at 3:30 on the south baseball field
HS Girls Soccer - 2/27 at 3:30 on the turf field
HS Co-ed Track - 2/27 at 3:30 on the track
HS Girls Tennis - 2/27 at 3:30 on the tennis courts
MS Baseball - 2/27 at 3:30 on the north baseball field
MS Girls Soccer - 2/27 at 3:15 on the west field
MS Co-ed Track - 3/13 at 3:30 on the track
***We must have a current physical on file (valid for one year from examination) for all athletes prior to the first day of tryouts/practice or they will be unable to participate until we have one. Please send physicals to kathryn.howard@bvsd.org 

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Friends of Peak to Peak (all school levels)


gala new

NEW!  Peak Gala is 2 Weeks Away ~ Tickets Still on Sail 

Our gala committee is busy planning a fun evening for our community, we hope YOU are planning to join! Tickets are still available. Guests can look forward to a festive evening that includes hosted wine, beer and “salty Pumas”, an opportunity to see our auction items in person (and pick up winning items), a cruise style buffet and a festive opportunity to connect with other Peak to Peak families. There will be a few special items that can only be bid on in person that evening, as well as an opportunity to meet school leaders at our post-dinner “Captain’s Reception”. This is a low-pressure fundraising event, we mainly would love your attendance! All community members are invited to bid on our online auction (take a sneak peek at a few items already available) and support our Peak Innovation Fund which will be featured that evening. Watch a video about the Peak Innovation Fund HERE. Thank you to our business partners who have confirmed their sponsorship participation thus far, and our many families and businesses who will be featured over the next few weeks through donated items to our auction.



NEW!  Auction Item Drop Off and Meet and Greet at the District in Lafayette 

The Friends of Peak to Peak office will be hosting a happy hour opportunity to drop off auction items and answer any questions about the gala, including help purchasing tickets in person next Thursday, March 2nd at Front Range Brewing @ the District in Lafayette between 3:30 - 5pm. If you have any auction items you'd like to donate of any value, and/or just want to learn more about this year's event, please cruise by! Auction items can also be easily entered online and/or dropped off at the school at any time. We hope to sea you then!


NEW!  Online Sweepstakes Reminder

After purchasing your own chances to win, we invite you to send our online "Fly, Float, Ride, Park or Run.. away with the cash" sweepstakes link to friends and family who would like to support Peak to Peak while also being eligible to win one of our fun prizes!  Tickets start at $10 each (three tickets for $25). A winner will be randomly selected on Thursday, March 23rd (all entries must be received by March 15th).



Volunteer (all school levels)


Volunteer Needs

  • Staff Appreciation Lunch on March 9th:  Our next Staff Appreciation lunch is coming up on March 9th!  This is a popular event for our teachers and staff and a great way to show them all how much we appreciate what they are doing. Please email me or call me with any questions or ideas. Nicole Harrison harrisonnicole@me.com (303)803-0453. I've included a link for the sign up here.  Taco Bar.  Thank you so much for all of the help, Nicole.


  • Peak Week drivers:  To help keep the cost for the Kitchen Humanities course as low as possible, we are asking for volunteers who are willing to drive students to two off-campus experiences. You would not be expected to chaperone during the activity itself, just to drive students from campus to the location and then from the location back to campus at the scheduled times. Please reach out to Ace Engelmann (ace.engelmann@bvsd.org) with any questions. Learn more information and sign up here.


  • Guest speakers needed:  Ms. Amidon, high school English teacher, is looking for a few guest speakers to visit her on-campus Peak Week course, ChangeMakers. Throughout the week, students will be learning about youth-led actions to affect change, as well as developing their own civic/community engagement projects. If you have experience in a non-governmental advocacy organization or group working for change or youth empowerment and would be willing to talk with students, please contact Karen Amidon (karen.amidon@bvsd.org) before March 1.


Volunteer Information

Thank you for considering to volunteer at Peak to Peak!  We will continue to request fingerprints from anyone who intends to volunteer more than once during the school year.  If you had your fingerprints done previously and completed our volunteer waiver and release form then you do not need to complete any volunteer paperwork this year!  Please make sure you have a photo volunteer ID card with a barcode on the back.  Please contact Traci Schoeneweis or 303-453-4682 to verify your volunteer status if you are unsure.

If you only intend to volunteer once then you will be required to do the background check (not fingerprints) and the volunteer waiver and release form each year.  You will be given a one-time volunteer ticket to turn in when you volunteer the one time.  Please follow this link to print them or pick them up at registration:  Volunteer Information

Volunteer training is online.  Anyone that is new to the school needs to view this before volunteering.  If you have previously attended or taken the volunteer training you do not need to do it again.  It’s a good idea for returning volunteers to view this as well for a refresher on protocols.  Follow this link Volunteer Training to view the information.  It can also be found on the volunteer page of the school website.

Your Volunteer Team would love to hear from you. If you have any interest in volunteering for anything at all but do not know where to start please email either Allie Cross or Rachel Hirt, Volunteer Coordinators.  They would love to meet you!  

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