Mock Trial

Mock Trial is an academic club that represents Peak to Peak High School.  The club meets in the evenings to prepare for the Mock Trial Boulder Regional Tournament in February.  Students are given a case in November, analyze it, determine how to argue both the plaintiff's side and the defense side, and prepare for trial!  Students learn how to make an opening statement, direct examination questions, cross-examination questions, and closing arguments.  Students also learn how to portray witnesses effectively.  Peak to Peak's team has won the Regional Tournament several times, and often advances to the State Tournament in March.  Only 22 teams out of 116 teams statewide compete in the State Tournament.

We have lawyers coaching our teams step-by-step and volunteering their time to help our talented club along. We are always looking for more adult lawyers to volunteer their time.
More information about Colorado High School Mock Trial can be found through the following link:

Fee: $50

Please contact Suzan Almony at 303-456-4900 to be a driver to scrimmages and tournaments.  If you are an attorney, please volunteer your time with wonderful high school aged witnesses and lawyers - either weekly or just as a special one-time guest speaker! We have a great time!
High School Students

If you are interested in a combination of speech/debate, theater, and U.S. civics - Mock Trial is for you!  Mock trial is open to all high schoolers, 9th through 12th grade, as long as you maintain passing grades in all your classes.*  We meet at 7:00 PM in the LMC from October through February (if we make it to the State Tournament, we meet through March). You must attend meetings consistently to participate in the Mock Trial Tournament.
Mock Trial Coach: TBD