Society of Women Engineers

What is SWE?

The Society of Women Engineers is a national program that seeks to empower women within the field of engineering and provide a place for those interested in engineering to connect.

The Peak to Peak branch of SWE is primarily focused on engaging high school students in science and engineering projects and supporting women in science and engineering. However, the Society of Women Engineers is gender inclusive and everyone is invited and encouraged to be a part of SWE!

The Society of Women Engineers hosts after school meetings twice a month where students embark on engineering projects while enjoying snacks. Last year, SWE members worked on constructing a flame thrower, building bridges using 3D printing, taking apart various electronics, and more. Many more fun engineering projects are planned for the 2018-2019 school year! SWE also organizes school events where guest speakers, such as local engineers, college SWE members, etc., come to share their experiences and engineering feats.

Contact the Society of Women Engineers Co-Presidents to join the club and be added to the email list so that you are always informed of upcoming meetings and events!

Akanksha Nelacanti (12)

Claire Franz (12)

Ania Miecznik (12)

High school physics teacher Mr. Hankla also provides tremendous support to the Society of Women Engineers and can be reached at