Counseling Weekly 02.07.17

Counseling Weekly 02.07.17


Peak to Peak Counseling News and Announcements

10th Grade Save the Date: Sophomore College Planning Night
Parents/Guardians: Mark your calendars for Sophomore College Night, March 6th at 5:30 - 7:00 in the College Counseling Center.


11th Grade: Junior Days Updates

For the past two weeks in Junior Days, 11th graders have been learning more about themselves and others by playing a game called “Who You Are Matters.” (here’s a video link: )

In small groups, the game led them through conversations about self-discovery. Students are invited to share experiences that

· Sparked their natural interest and desires for the future

· Expanded on their strengths and assets

· Acknowledged their personal qualities and the people who influence them.

During the second week students were asked to reflect on six areas in order to develop a “career statement.” This statement powerfully describes the student, leading them into exploring future possibilities and then encourages them to create an action step. We challenged students to embrace their own story while developing intentional exploration opportunities for the future.

This Wednesday and Thursday students will be bringing home the “Who You Are Matters” workbook. Please take time to discuss the results with your student. Consider talking about the following topics:

· What did they learn about themselves?

· What strengths and natural interests do they perceive for themselves?

· How did they feel playing the game and talking about themselves?

· Who can they share this information with?

· What inspired action did they agree to take?

· How as their parent/guardian can you support them as they move forward?

Additionally, there is an online portal, called the Storyteller, which needs to be accessed in the next two weeks. This portal expands on the work we started in Junior Days. Watch this video on how to access the Storyteller: .

Dr. Rich Feller, from Colorado State University, renowned expert in the field of Career Development, co-authored the game and was with us during the past two weeks as we worked through the game. Dr. Feller has generously offered to facilitate a group of parents who would like to play the game. Adults would play the adult version to gain an understanding of what students went through and learn how adults can support students in their journey into the future. . A date has not been set, but email Tracy Thompson if you are interested: .


7th Grade Student Opportunity: The Courage Retreat

To Peak to Peak Parents & Guardians,

We are excited to let you know about a great opportunity for our 7th grade students! On Wednesday, February 15th, 2017, the 7th grade class will participate in an all day special event called The Courage Retreat. This is an in-house “field trip” that is designed to make a big impact on our students through teaching them to stand up for themselves and others. As part of Peak to Peak’s mission, we strive to educate the whole student, not forgetting about character building and healthy relationships with each other. This event will provide a platform from which we can grow these ideas.

Youth Frontiers is an organization which specializes in helping to create positive school communities in a variety of different ways. Their programs are designed to break down social barriers in order to facilitate trust and growth towards a common goal. By hosting one grade level at a time, Youth Frontiers will run a “retreat” which is a high energy, self reflective opportunity for students to grow personally and together with their classmates.

The Courage Retreat teaches students to “act with moral courage and identify the social fears and peer pressures that impede responsible decision-making. The retreat encourages them to take positive risks that make a healthy difference for themselves, their peers and your school.” Find out more about the Courage Retreat

Teachers, counselors and our own High School 360 leaders will help to lead breakout groups throughout the day.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Andrea Salvo or call 303-453-4649.


SUMMER OPPORTUNITIES: Boulder Country Club & Boulder Community Health

Boulder Country Club is looking for 8th, 9th, and 10th grade students to work as caddies – includes potential full ride scholarship to CU Boulder! See attachments for more information.

Interested in learning about careers in medicine, nursing, and other health professions? Boulder Community Health is seeking summer volunteers! See attachments for more information.


SAVE THE DATE: Summer Experience Fair - Tuesday, February 28th 2:30-4:30pm

Peak to Peak will be hosting our second annual Summer Experience Fair in the Counseling Center next month. This event is recommended for all students looking for local jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities, and/or research experiences. Do you work for or know of local organizations or companies that offer summer opportunities for students? Email for details on this free event.

Current list of registered organizations:

  • City of Lafayette
  • CU Science Discovery
  • The Ranch Country Club
  • City of Louisville
  • Thorne Nature Experience
  • Boulder County Youth Corps
  • Emergency Family Assistance Association
  • City of Boulder Aquatics
  • Butterfly Pavilion
  • “I Have a Dream” Foundation of Boulder County
  • Foothills United Way, Volunteer Connection
  • YMCA of Boulder Valley
  • Growing Gardens
  • Town of Erie
  • Colorado Outward Bound School
  • WOW! Children’s Museum
  • Sister Carmen Community Center
  • City of Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks
  • City of Westminster
  • Denver Botanic Gardens
  • Community Food Share
  • Lafayette Miners Museum
  • Boulder Community Health

In addition, the Counseling Center maintains an online listing of summer programs, and the updated version is posted here.


CAREER SPOTLIGHT: Top 10 College Majors for the Future

Full article online here.

10. Computer Information Systems

Computer majors are gaining in popularity and employment potential as well. However, not all computer majors get the same recognition. Among the most in-demand jobs are offered for graduates of management information systems degrees. There are universities and colleges that offer bachelor’s degree in computer information systems. Academic studies are usually completed in three years but can take four years including internships.

People who graduate with this major commonly work in IT for large corporations. The current unemployment rate is 5 to 7 percent. Their average annual income is around $60,000, and the expected growth in employment in 2020 is 18 percent.

9. Chemical Engineering

The field of engineering is in the limelight at present. One college major that promises a bright future for students is chemical engineering. This is offered as a bachelor’s degree at a number of colleges and universities. The degree program mostly deals with biology, chemistry and physics.

Chemical engineers are hired at major companies that include pharmaceutical companies and laboratories. Their average unemployment rate is 4 to 7 percent. They earn high five-figure salaries with a median income of $75,000. Their projected employment growth by 2020 is 6 percent.

8. Medical Assistance

More hospitals and other healthcare providers are hiring medical assistants each year. The job offers sustainability and growth with degree programs that can lead to higher positions. This major is offered at many colleges and universities throughout the country. The major leads to an associate degree and is usually completed in two years. It opens the door to acquiring jobs in the healthcare field.

Medical assistants are mostly responsible for carrying out a doctor’s orders. They commonly work in hospitals and take on tasks that require clinical and administration skills. Their current unemployment rate is around 3 to 5 percent throughout the country. A medical assistant’s annual compensation is usually around $50,000, and their projected employment growth by 2020 is 13 percent.

7. Medical Technology

Medical technologist employment rates are increasing. This is another career in the healthcare field with a promising future for current students. Medical technology is offered through a bachelor’s degree program at many universities and colleges. Studies include biology, chemistry and clinical laboratories.

Graduates often find jobs in hospitals and laboratories. Their current unemployment rate falls at a low 2 to 4 percent. Medical technologist median salaries are around $50,000 with an expected growth of 13 percent by 2020.

6. Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering may not be an easy college major, but it comes with high potential compensation and employment opportunities. This is a bachelor’s degree that is completed in four years. There are also master’s and doctorate degrees offered at universities.

Electrical engineers find careers in many large corporations throughout the country. They are in demand at power plants, large manufacturing facilities and other major companies. Their unemployment rate is between 5 to 7 percent with a median salary of around $60,000. The expected growth in employment for electrical engineers by 2020 is 6 percent.

5. Construction Management

Construction management is another college degree with increasing demand in employment. This is a degree that is offered at many colleges and universities throughout the country. Construction management programs can either be a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree. The bachelor’s degree program is usually completed in three to four years.

Construction managers are the ones who control building operations. Their unemployment rate only falls at about 5 percent, and their annual salary is around $50,000. Projected employment growth by 2020 is 17 percent.

4. Nursing

Nurses have had a steady employment rate in the past years. However, the fast-growing population of newborns and elderly people also creates the demand for more nurses. This career requires an associate or bachelor’s degree in order for a person to work as a licensed nurse. The associate degree can be finished in two to three years while the bachelor’s degree needs four years for completion.

Nurses have a low unemployment rate of 4 percent and earn a median salary of $60,000. They are mostly in demand in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The projected growth for their employment rate is 26 percent by 2020.

3. Physical Therapy

Obtaining a degree in physical therapy can be difficult. However, the end result is quite rewarding for physical therapists. Physical therapy degrees include the bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate. The most basic is the bachelor’s degree that can be completed in four years. This degree program mostly deals with biology, anatomy and other health sciences.

Physical therapists can find a lot of openings in hospitals and rehabilitation centers. They have a low average unemployment of 2 to 5 percent. Their medial salary is around $60,000 with a projected increase in employment of 33 percent by 2020.

2. Aeronautics and Aviation Technology

Aeronautics and aviation technology is another area that poses major difficulties for many students when it comes to academics. However, graduates in this field of study earn a good salary. There are also excellent growth opportunities for people who work in this area.

Many universities around the country offer degrees in aeronautics and aviation technology. Some degree programs prepare students to become pilots while others focus more on the engineering side. Different degree programs deal with aerodynamics and mechanics.

People who work for airlines and airplane manufacturers make a median salary of $60,000 and above. Their unemployment rate is only 4 percent with an expected growth of 5 percent by 2020.

1. Pharmacology

Among the highest current high earners are people with degrees in pharmacology. This requires a bachelor’s degree at minimum, and salary ranges improve once the person acquires higher degrees. The bachelor’s degree is offered at many colleges and universities and mostly deals with drugs and their interactions.

Pharmacists are often in demand in pharmaceutical laboratories, pharmacies and hospitals. They earn a median salary of $105,000 depending on their degree level and experience. Their unemployment rate falls at a low 3 percent with projected growth of 25 percent in employment by 2020.