Local and National Presence in 2021-22

Professional Recognition and Service

Peak to Peak staff provided expertise as committee members, panelists, and reviewers, or have been recognized or honored by the following organizations:


  • Adams State University
  • Boulder Parents of Color Committee (BVSD)
  • BVSD Safe School Coalition (Co-Chair)
  • Boulder Valley School Counselors
  • Boulder Valley Women's Health Board Member
  • 2021 Bowseat Educator Innovation Award
  • CDE Business and Operations Mentoring
  • CDE Induction Program Review
  • Charter School Support Initiative
  • Collegiate Crossings Board
  • Colorado Art Education Association
  • Colorado Educational and Cultural Facilities Authority Board 
  • Colorado Language Arts Society Board
  • Colorado Math Innovators' forum
  • Colorado School Counselors Association
  • Denver Seminary
  • Denver University
  • Greenhouse Scholars
  • Joseph B. Whitehead Educator of Distinction Award
  • Longmont Library Board
  • Momentive
  • Rise Against Suicide
  • Samsung Solve for Tomorrow state award
  • Sentara Healthcare
  • Summit Middle School Board
  • Take The Time Coach
  • Teach Plus Colorado
  • Teen Dreams International Teachers HUB 
  • Tressler Law Firm

Professional Conference Presentations

Peak to Peak staff presented sessions at the following conferences:


  • July, 2021: Educator Institute for Equity and Justice 
  • October, 2021: Colorado School Counselor Association Conference
  • October, 2021: Reagan Institute- The State of Civics: Colorado
  • January, 2022: iTeach808 Conference
  • March, 2022: Colorado League of Charter Schools Conference
  • March, 2022: World Education Summit


Peak to Peak staff have articles or books published or forthcoming from the following periodicals and publishers:


  • "Airplane Mask Protocol" (Colorado School Counselor Association Newsletter) 
  • "Being Seen for Who I Am: Counterpublic Trans Intelligibility and Queer Worldmaking on YouTube" (Chapter 4 of Networked Feminisms: Activist Assemblies and Digital Practices)
  • "Digital Citizenship: Fostering Safer, Kinder, More Responsible Behavior Online and Offline; Oct. 2021" (BrainPop Blog)
  • "Read, Write, Talk, Listen, and Move" (Hello World, October 2021)
  • "School Counselors as Community Bridges, and Counselor Educators as Bridge Builders" (Southern Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Newsletter, Fall 2021)
  • "Creating Community in Women’s Trail Running for Nonbinary and Trans Athletes" (TrailSisters, May 2022) 
  • Unit Plan: Digital Citizenship 5 month Unit; Oct. 2021 (BrainPop Educator Website)