Local and National Presence in 2011-12

For the Colorado League of Charter Schools,

Dana Reyes & LeeAnne Sanders presented Strong School Leadership:  Creating and Implementing School–Wide Coaching Programs

Jen Dauzvardis presented Building Sustainable Governing Boards:  Avoiding the Death Spiral 

Adam DiGiacomo presented Recruiting Teachers:  Finding Great Candidates at Job Fairs

Keri Dunphy & LeeAnne Sanders presented Student Engagement:  Strategies for Active Learning

Kate Kelly presented Engaging Learning Experiences:  Academically Rigorous Project-Based Learning

Andrea (“Panda”) Smith presented Literacy:  Do-It-Yourself Guided Reading Instruction

Megan Freeman presented Contagious Passion:  Classroom Management and Student-Teacher Relationshipsand Making the Critical Difference:  Engagement Strategies that Work

Megan Freeman, LeeAnne Sanders, Kelly Reeser, & Jen Dauzvardis presented a Learning Lunch onEducational Coaching.


For the Colorado Department of Education’s Charter School Support Initiative,

Adam DiGiacomo served on an school review team for Provost Online Academy.

Jen Dauzvardis served on an school review team for Girls Athletic Leadership School.

Kelly Reeser served on an school review team for West Denver Prep Lake, Calvert Academy, & Academy of Advanced and Creative Learning.

Kyle Mathews served on an school review team for Skyview Academy.

Megan Freeman served on an school review team for West Denver Prep Lake, West Denver Prep Highland, Soar Green Valley.

 For the Offfice of Innovation and Choice

Jen Dauzvardis organized the Western Slope conference and facilitated a UIP table group.

Jen Dauzvardis presented at the Charter School Boot Camp. 

Kelly Reeser facilitated grant writer trainings.

Kyle Mathews led the Administrator Mentor Cohort and mentored a novice charter school principal.

Jen Dauzvardis led Charter School Board Training, facilitated at Authorizers’ meetings, presented at the Charter School Finance Seminar, and organized for the Business Managers’ Network.


 For the Colorado Department of Education,

Megan Freeman, Kelly Reeser, Jen Dauzvardis,& Sam Todd represented Peak to Peak at the Northern Area Regional Meeting of Charter Schools.

Adam DiGiacomo served on the state’s UIP Review Team.

Jen Dauzvardis served as a lead on the state’s UIP Review Team.


 For Colleges & Universities,

For Metropolitan State College of Denver,

Megan Freeman presented Using Higher Levels of Thinking and Writing-to-Learn to Improve Instruction and Raise Student Achievement.

For the New York University at Abu Dhabi,

Kimberly Gannett participated in the Counselor Fly-in Program.

For the University of Colorado at Boulder,

Jen Dauzvardis & Megan Freeman were interviewed for research conducted by the School of Education.



For the publication Charter School Insider,

Adam DiGiacomo was featured in the article Leveraging Technology for School and Student Success.

For the publication Charter Focus,

Sam Todd published Temp to Hire:  A Great Option When You’re in a Pinch.

Carolyn Jannsen published The Importance of an Annual Gift Campaign.

Jen Dauzvardis published Building the Board-Finance Relationship.

Megan Freeman published An Investment in Faculty Retention and Student Achievement.

To read more, visit the CPD Website.

Additional Presence

For the AdvanceEd Review Team,

Carla Flanhofer served on a school accreditation team for Horizon High School.


For the Charter School Institute,

Jen Dauzvardis served on the New School Application Review Team.

For the Colorado Council of Teachers of Math,

Kim Struck presented Increasing Student Metacognition.

For NBC’s Education Nation,

Megan Freeman served on a televised Teacher Effectiveness panel.

For the Boulder Valley School District,

Heather Bertarelli served on the organizing committee for the Art Education Conference and the Advanced Placement Studio Art Committee.

Andrea (“Panda”) Smith served on and presented to the Science Curriculum Committee.