Local and National Presence in 2015-16

Professional Recognition and Service

Christie French: Teacher Recognition Award, Jared Polis Foundation 2016

Traci Schoeneweis: Impact Award Recipient, Impact on Education Foundation for Boulder Valley Schools, 2016

Kimberly Gannett: Board member, Collegiate Crossings

Kimberly Gannett: Advisory Committee Member, Minerva College

Keri Dunphy: Spanish Award for Outstanding Teacher of World Languages, University of Northern Colorado Departments of Modern Languages and Hispanic Studies, 2016

Melissa Christensen: Honor Roll Awardee, Boulder Valley Gifted and Talented, April 2016

Linda Bostic:  Board Member, Colorado School Counselor Association, Region 7 

Tara Gilboa: New Educator Award Winner, Colorado Council of Foreign Language Teachers 2016 Conference 

Keri Dunphy: Selection Committee Member, Art in Public Places, Longmont, Colorado 2016

Jen Dauzvardis:  Focus Group Member, Chalkbeat, 2015

Anita Chakraborty-Spotts: Facilitator, Colorado Math Innovators' Forum, 2015-16

Sheena Thomas's Library Annual Report was used as an exemplar in Your Principal Partnership: Communicating Library Program Success is Key to Your Success by Dr. Mary Kay Biagini and Debra E. Kachel,  2015 American Association of School Libraries Conference

Megan Freeman: Top Ten Presenter Honoree, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools Annual Conference, 2015

Kristie Letter: People's Choice Award Winner, Lafayette Art on the Streets, 2015

Jewel Wolfe: Board Treasurer, ROCKE (Regional Organization of Colorado Kodaly Educators) the Colorado chapter of the Organization of American Kodaly Educators

Sam Todd: Board Treasurer, Colorado League of Charter Schools

Hillary Miller:  Consultant, Colorado League of Charter Schools' initiative to provide school nurse services and support

Christie French:Team Member, AdvancED Evaluation

Megan Freeman: Team Lead, AdvancED Evaluation

Kelly Reeser: Team Member, AdvancED Evaluation

Hillary Miller: Team Member, Colorado Healthy Schools Collective Impact

Mary Campbell: Board Member, Second Wind Foundation of Boulder Valley

Megan Freeman: Interview Respondent, An Interview with Megan Freeman of Peak to Peak Charter School, Procurify, June 25, 2015

Jen Dauzvardis: Team Lead, Charter School Support Initiative, Colorado Department of Education

Megan Freeman, Kelly Reeser, Sam Todd, and Melissa Christensen: Team Member, Charter School Support Initiative, Colorado Department of Education 

Kyle Mathews: Lead Presenter, Administrator Mentor Cohort, Colorado Department of Education Office of Innovation and Choice

Professional Conference Presentations

Kelly Reeser and Megan Freeman: Presenters, Improve Your Hiring Acumen: The Art and Science of Behavioral Interviewing, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools 2016 Conference 

Sam Todd: Presenter, Fiscal Oversight 101 for Board Members, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools 2016 Conference 

Jen Dauzvardis: Presenter, Accountability: Beyond the Dashboard, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools 2016 Conference 

Kelly Reeser: Presenter, Data-Driven Charter Schools, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools 2016 Conference 

Megan Freeman: Presenter, Revision Strategies to Improve Student Writing and Increase Engagement, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools 2016 Conference 

Jen Dauzvardis: Presenter, Connecting the Dots:  Board Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools 2016 Conference 

Keri Dunphy and Michéle Sachs: Presenter, Who's Talking More? Fostering Interpersonal Communication in the World Language Classroom, 2016 Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers Conference

Keri Dunphy and Betsy Leach:Presenters, Fostering Inclusivity in the World Language Classroom,2016 Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers Conference

Yolanda Meiler and Tracy Cloninger: Presenters, Authentic Homework Strategies, 2016 Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers Conference

Clara Quinlan: Presenter, Ideas to Transform School Culture:  Developing Your Students' Social and Emotional Intelligence, 2016 Colorado League of Charter Schools Conference

Clara Quinlan: Presenter, Empower Students Through Social-Emotional and 21st Century Education, 2016 Colorado League of Charter Schools Conference 

Libbi Peterson, Manele Short, and Tracy Cloninger: Presenters, Mindfulness & Self-Care for Educators: Finding Balance and Joy, 2016 Colorado League of Charter Schools Conference

Kim Struck: Presenter, Feedback Structures That Foster a Growth Mindset, 2016 Colorado League of Charter Schools Conference

Jen Dauzvardis: Presenter, Resource Blitz for Governing Boards and Roles, Responsibilities, and Relationships, 2016 Colorado League of Charter Schools Conference

Sam Todd, Kelly Reeser: Presenters, Making School Pay for Performance Work, 2016 Colorado League of Charter Schools Conference

Sam Todd: Presenter, Local Tax Initiatives:  How to Best Position Your School, 2016 Colorado League of Charter Schools Conference

Jen Dauzvardis:  Presenter, Connecting the Dots of Board Practice:  Roles, Responsibilities, and Relationships, 2016 Colorado League of Charter Schools Conference

Megan Freeman:  Presenter, Engagement with Rigor: Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum, 2016 Colorado League of Charter Schools Conference

Kelly Reeser, Megan Freeman:  Presenters, Tackling Teacher Evaluation:  What's New and What Works, 2016 Colorado League of Charter Schools Conference

Andrea Salvo, Manele Short: Presenters, Creating a Dynamic Middle School Counseling Curriculum, 2015 Colorado School Counselor Association Conference

Linda Bostic, Mary Campbell: Presenters, Creating a Superhero Culture at Your School, 2015 Colorado School Counselor Association Conference

Michelle Eckstein: Presenter, Fun with Formative Assessment, 2015 Colorado Gifted and Talented Conference

Michelle Eckstein, Sheena Thomas, Christina Gillen: Presenters, Making History Come Alive Through Digital Storytelling, 2016 International Society for Technology in Education Conference 

Michelle Eckstein: Board President, Boulder Valley Gifted and Talented

Lana Hulse: Board Member, Boulder Valley Gifted and Talented

Rebecca Weiss: Presenter, Creative Paths - Linking Arts Education and Life-long Success, 2015 Colorado ACT State Organization Conference

Bobby Letter and Kristie Letter: Presenters, Game-based Personal Financial Literacy Challenge, 54th Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference, October, 2015

Michelle Eckstein: Presenter, Fun with Formative Assessments, Boulder Valley School District's DigiFest, August, 2015

Amy Moran: Presenter, Kid-Friendly Research: A Journey Around the World, Colorado Council International Reading Association (CCIRA) 2016 annual conference

Susan Prieto: Presenter, The Sun and Its Energy, 2015 Colorado Science Conference 

Erin Manzaneres: Presenter, Differentiation to Engage Every Learner, Professional Association of Colorado Educators Conference, June 2015


Libbi Peterson: Author, The Stress of Student Poverty, Denver Post, September 4, 2015

Libbi Peterson: Author, Rethinking the Teaching Profession, Denver Post, September 23, 2015

Libbi Peterson: Author,  A Few Moments of Quiet in a Busy World, Denver Post, October 9, 2015

Libbi Peterson: Author, Less Censorship, More Reading, Denver Post, October 30, 2015

Michelle Eckstein: Author, Leveraging the Power of Technology in the Teaching-Learning Cycle, Understanding Our Gifted, Summer 2015 issue

Yoland Meiler: Author, The Power of Choices, Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers Newsletter, Winter 2016

Megan E. Freeman: Author, Lessons on Sleeping Alone, Liquid Light Press, 2015

Kristie Letter: Author, Baby Talk, Massachusetts Review, 2015

Kristie Letter: Author, Late July, Clover Lick, West Virginia, Tahoma Literary Review, 2015

Kelly Reeser: Co-Author, Evaluating the Performance of Online K-12 Schools, International Journal on E-Learning, 2015

Michelle Eckstein: Author, Using Technology for Formative Assessments and Differentiation, Understanding Our Gifted, Spring 2015 issue

Christine Botvinick: Author Interviewee, Embracing the Common Core, Association for Middle Level Education Magazine, September 2015 edition

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