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The following information is for the week of 2/19-2/23



All School News
Table of Contents:

All School

  • K-12 spring service project - Second Wind Fund of Boulder County
  • 2018-2019 yearly calendars
  • Empty juice containers needed
  • Request for Board candidates
  • Makerspace event schedule
  • Photo submission link


  • Elementary yearbook photos needed
  • February Coffee with the Counselors
  • Class photos
  • Spring music concert


  • Middle school conferences
  • 6th grade gender identity lesson
  • 7th grade courage retreat
  • Career Cafe
  • February Coffee with the Counselors
  • Middle school backpacks
  • MS student announcements


  • High school conferences
  • AP psychology research
  • HS student announcements

ES, MS, HS Athletics

  • Puma home games
  • MS girls softball
  • HS spring sports
  • MS spring sports

Friends of P2P

  • Peak Gala


  • Volunteer opportunities: elementary talent show




Week of 2/19/18-2/24/18:
K-12 Spring Service Project Second Wind Fund of Boulder County 2/22-3/1
Monday 2/19: NO SCHOOL/Presidents' Day
Wednesday 2/21: Board of Directors' meeting 8:00 AM (college counseling center); Elementary class photos
Thursday 2/22: 8th-12th grade Summer Experience Fair 2:30-4:30 PM (college counseling center); Secondary conferences 3:30-6:30 PM (cafeteria & middle school classrooms)
Friday 2/23: Secondary conferences 3:30-6:30 PM (cafeteria & middle school classrooms)
Saturday 2/24: Elementary talent show 5:00-7:00 PM (auditeria)

Link to monthly calendar.

Link to yearly calendar.


Frequently Used Webpages:


NEW K-12 Spring Service Initiative Starts Next Week!


Every spring, Peak to Peak Charter School picks an organization to partner with for our spring K-12 service project. This year, our Service Council voted to partner with the Second Wind Fund of Boulder County. Second Wind provides free counseling to at-risk youth who cannot otherwise afford it. They are currently serving 67 youth in our county.


Our theme for the K-12 initiative is “Change for Positive Change.” We want to positively change the way we think about mental health. This initiative will run from 2/22-3/1.


Here are some ways K-12 families can get involved:

  • Donate change - we encourage families to consider having students do “chores for change.” Help connect how their helping at home is helping others. All three school levels will be doing a change drive.
  • Sign your family up for the Second Wind Fund of Boulder County Emerge 5K run/walk, Sunday, May 6 at 9:30 AM. Teams of 4 are only $80 for this great, family-friendly 5K at Boulder Reservoir. This BolderBOULDER qualifying race is a “fast” course guaranteed to be a good time for families. All families are encouraged to participate and can sign up here.
  • Donate directly to Second Wind Fund of Boulder County - please follow this link.
  • Have a talk with your student about overall (physical and emotional) wellness.
  • Elementary only - Sign up for the early release event! All proceeds from the March 1st event will benefit Second Wind Fund of Boulder County.


Our K-12 goal is to raise $12,000 which would provide three counseling sessions to the 67 youth currently being served.


NEW 2018-2019 Yearly Calendars
The board-approved 2018-2019 calendars are attached and can also be found on our website HERE. Here is some information on the new calendars:
  • There are more uninterrupted weeks of instruction
  • We are aligned with BVSD Professional Development days
  • Early release days moved from Thursdays to Fridays
  • Professional Development days moved from Fridays to Mondays (to help align with BVSD)
  • There was a decrease in the number of early release days; this time is scheduled to be included on PD days
  • Charter Day was moved to December 21 to help with winter travel plans due to the late start of winter break
  • Secondary winter finals will begin a day earlier to help with winter travel plans due to the late start of winter break
  • The school year still ends in May

NEW Empty Half Gallon Juice Containers Needed
We are looking for empty and cleaned out half gallon juice bottles for the upcoming spring service project to collect coins in during the coin drive. If you have any to donate please bring them to the main office. Thank you!




The 2018 election for the Peak to Peak Board of Directors is coming in early May. There will be THREE OPEN SEATS for elected board members. Two seats have a 3-year term and one seat has a 1-year term. All non-employee school and local community members are encouraged to consider serving on the board. Any candidate for the Peak to Peak Board of Directors, in order to have his or her name placed on the ballot, must deliver a signed Peak to Peak Board Handbook at the time of his or her candidacy submission, which constitutes an agreement to abide by the Board Orientation/Training requirements in the Board Handbook. The Board Handbook will be sent to any candidate who is interested in possible candidacy for review.


There will be two information sessions for anyone interested in possible candidacy for our Board of Directors. The session will give you a brief explanation of BOD responsibilities. The sessions are identical and offered at two different times in our south conference room. There is no need to RSVP:

Monday, February 26 8:00-9:00 AM

Tuesday, February 27 1 5:00-6:00 PM


If you are unable to attend and would like to have further information, please contact Traci Schoeneweis at traci.schoeneweis@bvsd.org. Election Committee members for 2018 are: Tina Crist -Chair, Hank Dalton (BOD rep), Joanne Hyman (BOD rep), Michelle Anderson (Accountability Committee rep), Lisa Tracy (Accountability Committee rep), Jennifer Douglass (community rep), Kate Martin (community rep), Ethan Miley (community rep), Traci Schoeneweis (staff rep) and Terri Tarbutton (staff rep). In addition to attending the information sessions, you can learn more by attending an upcoming board meeting, speaking with a current or previous board member, and reviewing the Board of Directors' page on our website.


Once you have decided to run for a board seat, you must formally declare your candidacy by submitting to traci.schoeneweis@bvsd.org written responses to the following questions by Monday, April 2, 2018 3:00 PM :

1. What do you understand Peak to Peak's philosophy to be and how do you support it?

2. What is your primary motivation to serve as a member of the board of directors?

3. How do you expect to separate your parental and board member duties?

4. What do you believe to be the biggest problem or opportunity that our school will face in the next several years, and what skills or background do you have that will help us to achieve the best possible outcome relating to that challenge or opportunity?

5. Please provide a brief bio of yourself (150 words or less). It can include educational background, professional experience, and/or any personal information you would like to share with our community. A photograph of yourself is optional. Please do NOT include any links to outside websites or resources.


A preliminary candidate list will be published to all of the candidates on April 2nd after the 3:00 PM candidacy deadline. Candidates will then have the opportunity to withdraw from the election if they change their mind about running or make any edits to their responses between April 2nd and April 5th. Responses from the candidates who wish to remain in the election will be distributed by email to families in our Friday, April 6th Friday Digest and published on our website.


All candidates must attend our candidate question & answer session on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 at 6:30 PM. Voting instructions and timeline will be communicated to the entire Peak to Peak community in May. Please see the attached Election Guidelines information sheet for election information, timeline, and campaign guidelines.


Please contact Traci Schoeneweis at traci.schoeneweis@bvsd.org or 303-453-4682 with questions.


Thank you,

The 2018 Peak to Peak Election Committee



Link to photo submission form: PumaAwe

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NEW Photos Needed for Elementary Yearbook
Hello, families! We are looking for more pictures for the elementary yearbook. Please go to the Elementary Yearbook page on the P2P website to upload your images! Parent images are what make the yearbook great! Photos are due February 20th, and here is the direct link HERE.

NEW February Coffee with the MS Counselors

Dear Current 5th through 7th grade Parents/Guardians,
If you have questions about the course selection process or transitioning to the next grade level please join the Middle School Counselors in the south conference room on Tuesday, February 20th at 8:00 AM for our February Coffee with the Counselors. We will be discussing the course recommendation & course selection process in the middle school!

Elementary Class Photos
Elementary class photos will be taken on Wednesday, February 21st. Photos must be pre-ordered and pre-paid. The cost is $11 and can either be paid by check or online. Students must return the payment envelope on picture day no matter which payment method.


Spring Music Concert
The Spring Music Concert will take place on Tuesday, March 6, at 8:15 AM in the Auditeria. It will feature performances by our Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 4th grade students. You are invited to attend. We simply ask that you sign in at the attendance window after dropping your child or children off for school, and then proceed from there to the Auditeria. Please contact Mrs. Wolfe if you have any questions (jewel.wolfe@bvsd.org).



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NEW Middle School Conferences

We value the power of student voice and are preparing our middle school students to share their current progress through our student-led conference format again this semester. Students will be leading their own conferences with teacher support, and we invite parent(s)/guardian(s) to attend alongside their child(ren). On Thursday and Friday, February 22 and 23, grade level teachers will be gathered together in one space. All Middle School families are welcome to sign up for one 30 minute block of time in Acuity Scheduling beginning TODAY. Select elective teachers will be available to meet for individual conferences in their own classrooms. These conferences can also be scheduled through Acuity Scheduling. If a teacher has both middle and high school students, he or she will be available one of the two days for our middle school students. If you need to cancel, please email either Lori Preston lori.preston@bvsd.org or Libbi Peterson elizabeth.peterson@bvsd.org with the subject, Conference Cancellation. Your cancellation might open a spot for someone else who needs time with our teachers. Please click HERE to read the entire article on MS conferences.



NEW 6th Grade Gender Identity Lesson


Dear 6th Grade Parent/ Guardian:

We value your input and want to make you aware of the upcoming content to be discussed in your child’s Life Science class. They are learning about Male/ Female sex assignment and how chromosomes pair to determine a person’s biological sex. This topic is a part of the typically assigned 6th grade Life Science curriculum (ELR 5.3. Complete crosses using Punnett Squares to predict phenotypic and genotypic outcomes.; ELR 5.6. Explain how gender is determined in humans.) In keeping with our commitment as a school to address gender inclusivity and equality, Dr. Marti has invited the counseling department to partner with him in his teaching of this topic. We are very excited about this invitation. We hope this lesson provides an opportunity for rich discussion about how society impacts our idea of gender roles and how we can help ensure that all people feel safe and welcome at school.

On Monday, February 26th, Ms. Salvo (Middle School Counselor) and Ms. Campbell (High School Counselor)will be working with Dr. Marti in his Life Science class to talk to students about gender, equality and societal influence on gender roles and stereotypes. We will discuss the difference between gender and assigned biological sex and how each is determined. We will also discuss how societal influences might alienate or ostracize some people based on their sex/gender. Our goal is to teach children what they can do as individuals to ensure that all people feel safe and accepted, regardless of their biological sex or identified gender.The lesson will take place for the entire 60 minute class period. At this time we do not have a follow-up lesson planned for 6th grade but will create one if students dictate that necessity.

If you are concerned about the topic or have questions please contact Andrea Salvo at andrea.salvo@bvsd.org to discuss these concerns.


Andrea Salvo, MS Counselor

Patrick Marti, Science

Mary Campbell, HS Counselor




NEW 7th Grade Courage Retreat

Dear Peak to Peak Parents/Guardians,

We are excited to let you know about a great opportunity for our 7th grade students! On Friday, February 23rd, 2018, the 7th grade class will participate in an all-day special event called The Courage Retreat. This is an in-house “field trip” that is designed to make a big impact on our students through teaching them to stand up for themselves and others. As part of Peak to Peak’s mission, we strive to educate the whole student, not forgetting about character building and healthy relationships with each other. This event will provide a platform from which we can grow these ideas.

Youth Frontiers is an organization which specializes in helping to create positive school communities in a variety of different ways. Their programs are designed to break down social barriers in order to facilitate trust and growth towards a common goal. By hosting one grade level at a time, Youth Frontiers will run a “retreat” which is a high energy, self-reflective opportunity for students to grow personally and together with their classmates.

The Courage Retreat teaches students to “act with moral courage and identify the social fears and peer pressures that impede responsible decision-making. The retreat encourages them to take positive risks that make a healthy difference for themselves, their peers and your school.” Find out more about the Courage Retreat at http://www.youthfrontiers.org/programs/courage-retreat/

Teachers, counselors, and our own High School 360 leaders will help to lead breakout groups throughout the day. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Andrea Salvo at andrea.salvo@bvsd.org or call 303-453-4649.


NEW Career Cafe


Attention Middle School Parents and students, February's Career Cafe will focus on the fields of Education & Human services. Our guest speaker has experience at the Collegiate level. If your student is interested in learning about work in the field of Education, please help them sign up Here for this next week's career cafe which will take place on Thursday, February 22nd, 2018.
Thank you!

NEW February Coffee with the MS Counselors

Dear Current 5th through 7th grade Parents/Guardians,
If you have questions about the course selection process or transitioning to the next grade level please join the Middle School Counselors in the south conference room on Tuesday, February 20th, at 8:00 AM for our February Coffee with the Counselors. We will be discussing the course recommendation & course selection process in the middle school!

Middle School Backpacks


All MS Students - thank you so much for maintaining consistency on KEEPING ALL of your backpacks in the lockers.

-All students must put backpacks in lockers UNLESS:

  • you have a 7th period class in a building other than the south building
  • or if a student has to catch the bus/pick up a sibling right after school - (your family must verify this with your 7th period teacher if is the case)
  • you have administrator approval

-Backpacks found in the hallways will be moved to Lost & Found or kept in the Principal's office

-Students, you will be counted tardy if you have to return to your lockers

-Students who are in sports, you may ask Mr. Chandler for a locker in the gym for sport equipment. It can be dropped off in the morning and protected

-Students who are challenging this expectation will gain assistance from your counselors or your principals with organization practice and your parent support will be sought.

Thank you. This expectation was put into place for several reasons...please click HERE to read the entire article.




Middle School Announcements

Click on this LINK to view the announcements that were read today to our middle school students.








NEW High School Conferences

Progress reports are ready to view in Infinite Campus portals. There are grade report comments for each of your teen's classes. If a conference is recommended by a teacher, or if you have topics you'd like to discuss with a specific teacher, you may go to Acuity Scheduling beginning TODAY to select your 10-minute appointment time on either February 22nd or 23rd. If a conference is not recommended, you do not need to attend or schedule any conference appointments unless you’d like to sit down with a specific teacher of your choice. If attending conferences, we do request that students attend along with parents/guardians as important participants in our conference meetings.


Once scheduled, you will receive an appointment confirmation for each conference meeting. You can save these right into your calendars of choice! Please arrive in our cafeteria space a few minutes ahead of your conference appointments, and wait for your scheduled appointment at the entrance area before proceeding inside or to teacher tables for your meetings. This will help maintain privacy for families during their conference appointments with teachers. When you arrive, please have your conference schedule and teacher names(s) available so you know whom to see.


We hope this process continues to meet the needs of our students, families and staff. We appreciate your feedback to help us continually improve our conference offerings each year.



Kyle Mathews, High School Principal



NEW AP Psychology Research Projects

Dear parents/guardians:

As part of our senior level AP Psychology course and as part of the College Board approved curriculum, students have been asked to show mastery of the curriculum and research design in a culminating project where they need to test a chosen concept in social psychology. Students have designed their own research methodology which could include a naturalistic observation, a survey or an experimental style activity of the concept being explored. Students will be practicing random selection and assignment of participants and some may couple their work with their final projects in AP Statistics by running a series of data on their results (others may need to implement a convenience sample if they are not able to pull students for a random sample).


Over the next few months, randomly chosen 9 – 12 students may be asked to participate in one or more student projects during school hours (this will not be during any core or elective class but will be during student aide, study halls or lunch/ACCESS/clubs) and participation is completely optional. AP Psychology students will be following all processes that they learned in terms of research design including providing specific informed consent to your student, debriefing your student and following all ethical guidelines. Please understand that our students are not experts at research design but they are learning through design development and implementation, which is the main goal of the assignment. Therefore, it may not be a “perfect” implementation and may be subject to student error. No design that I have reviewed should cause any room for concern and sample activities may include participants being asked to complete puzzles or simple tasks, predict winners of professional sports games, answer a series of questions on a survey, list creative uses for a random item or taste testing a variety of products. Students may opt to end participation at any time throughout the activity for any reason and student names will not be connected to any presentation of results.


This letter serves as a parental/guardian acknowledgement and consent for your student to participate in these activities combined with your student’s consent on the individual forms presented to them. If you would prefer for your student to not participate in any of these activities, please 1. Ask your student to not agree to participate as it optional and/or 2. email me directly asap to remove your student’s name from our participant list. If you have any questions or concerns at all about the implementation or design of any of my student’s work, please feel free to email me at carla.flanhofer@bvsd.org. Thanks so much for your understanding and support!




High School Announcements

Click on this LINK to view the announcements that were read today to our high school students.



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ES, MS, HS Athletics




NEW Puma Home Games
2/17 High School Boys Basketball vs Skyview 1:00 PM
NEW Middle School Girls Softball

Hey middle school girls! Want to have a total blast this spring/summer? Come join the middle school softball team. We currently have a few more openings and would love to have you join us! Please contact softball parent Allison O’Dowd 303-877-4539 for more information.

High School Spring Sports
Spring sports will begin on 2/26! Please get registered and turn in an up to date physical to Amanda Smith before tryouts. Physicals can be dropped off at the front office or emailed directly to amanda.smith@bvsd.org.
Middle School Spring Sports
Spring sports for Middle School begin on 3/12! Please get registered and turn in an up to date physical to Amanda Smith before tryouts. Physicals can be dropped off at the front office or emailed directly to amanda.smith@bvsd.org.
Girls Soccer
IM Volleyball
Track and Field - Begins April 2

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Friends of P2P





Peak Gala is coming soon (March 9th)! Did you know....
The ENTIRE K-12 community is invited and the more the merrier! This is our largest community event of the year and having families and staff from every level, every grade is what makes this event so great!
Did you know... P2P staff from all levels have been busy putting together festive wild west costumes and have donated some amazing one-of-a kind experiences and items to support our students? You won't want to miss that!
Did you know... this year we will have an open style event that will allow you the flexibility to grab some wild west food, enjoy complimentary beer and wine, shop amazing items in our Old General store, meet fellow Puma parents/guardians and community supporters, and try your luck in the Peak Saloon and Casino?
Did you know.... you are welcome to dress in theme, but it's certainly not necessary!
Did you know...K-8 classes have been working on amazing artwork that will be up for bid? All proceeds from this event including money raised from student artwork and our entire online auction helps fill our approximately $1,000 per student funding gap.
Did you know.. over 20 K-12 projects were funded through the 2017 Peak Gala special appeal for the "Peak Innovation Fund" and that guests will hear about these very innovative projects and have an opportunity to support more ideas going forward?
Did you know... we still have tickets available and we want YOU to attend! On behalf of our 2018 Peak Gala committee we hope to see you there!

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Volunteer Opportunities:

Elementary Talent Show Next Saturday!
The Elementary Talent Show is next Saturday and we only have a few volunteers. It’s such a cute event and we need your help. Please, please, please help us put on the show by volunteering.
Thank you everyone for your help! If you have any questions or are willing to help volunteer please reach out to:
Nicole Harrison, harrisonnicole@me.com Volunteer Coordinator
Siobhan Webster, siobhanwebster@me.com Elementary School Volunteer Coordinator
Dar Zerwek-Reardon, zerwekhreardon@comcast.net Middle School Volunteer Coordinator
Angela Finan, angelarules@comcast.net High School Volunteer Coordinator