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The following information is for the week of 12/10-12/14




All School News
Table of Contents:

All School

  • Listening Campaign survey summary results
  • Accountability Committee Family Survey coming soon
  • Before & After School (BAASC) program opening
  • Website & mobile app calendar change coming soon
  • BVSD Share-a-Gift sign up information


  • Puma Cubs Choir
  • Holiday song unit & sing-a-long


  • i-Ready assessment information
  • Important information on MS finals & early dismissals
  • Career Cafe
  • December finals schedule


  • HS Principal article on "Making any time of year special"
  • 9th Grade Coping Skills Lesson & Cocoa and Cram Invitation
  • BVSD HS student climate survey executive summary
  • December finals schedule

ES, MS, HS Athletics

  • Varsity baseball
  • Middle School girls basketball

Friends of P2P

  • $54,000 raised on CO Gives Day
  • Save the Date for K-12 Spirit Night
  • Peak Gala auction sponsors


  • Staff gift preferences
  • New fingerprinting process
  • New volunteer sign-in process
  • Volunteer facebook page
  • Volunteer bulletin board
  • Volunteer process



Week of 12/10/18-12/14/18
Monday 12/10:  Band concert 6:00 PM (auditeria)
Tuesday 12/11:  HS cocoa & cram 3:15-5:00 PM (cafeteria); Choir concert 6:00 PM (auditeria) 
Friday 12/14:  Elementary sing-a-long 1:45 PM (northwest gym)

Frequently Used Webpages:


Please visit the Board of Directors Page for meeting agendas, minutes, and more.   


NEW Listening Campaign Survey Results Summary

Dear Peak to Peak Community,

At its regular meeting on December 5th, the Peak to Peak Board of Directors discussed results from the Listening Campaign surveys that were given to parents/guardians, staff, current students, alumni students and families, college and university representatives, and business and community leaders. At this meeting, representatives from the ad-hoc committee presented an executive summary and themes from the surveys on two important questions: (1) What are the school’s greatest opportunities? And (2) What are the most pressing needs for the future of our students? Please review the summary documents below:

Executive Summary

Listening Campaign Survey Themes

Next steps for the Board and Executive Leadership Team include carrying out the recommended actions identified by the ad-hoc committee. This includes evaluating ideas from the community in terms of alignment with the school’s strategic plan as well as their financial impact and feasibility. The curriculum and program ideas that were presented will be discussed and explored with staff in appropriate settings such as the curriculum committees, master scheduling work, and other types of leadership meetings.

Finally, we will seek bids from several architects to conduct a campus-wide analysis of our current spaces and to provide ideas, recommendations and estimated costs for various renovation projects that were identified as desirable in the Listening Campaign feedback. All of these tasks will be undertaken as a first step, understanding that short-term and long-term planning will become more concrete as we use the feedback we receive to inform future actions. We will continue to engage with the Peak to Peak community as the work moves forward.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the information gathering phase of the Listening Campaign. As is clear from the summaries included with this article, your feedback is important and is being used to shape the future direction of our school. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Best regards,

Kelly Reeser

Executive Director of Education 


NEW Accountability Committee Family Survey Coming Soon to Your Inbox 

COMING SOON TO YOUR INBOX:  On Friday, January 18th, the Accountability Committee’s annual parent/guardian survey will be sent out by email.  The email will contain a link for you to provide your input on how Peak to Peak is doing.  Your anonymous responses are invaluable and provide us with the ability to keep Peak to Peak the great school that it is. 


Before and After School Care Availability 

The Before and After School Program (BAASC) at Peak to Peak has a few spaces available in the 3rd-6th grade room for the spring semester. Please contact Justene Dorr at p2pbaasc@gmail.com if you need care for your student before or after school hours. We offer full and part-time schedules, including half and full day care on early release days, conference days, and professional development days. We look forward to hearing from you. 


Website and Mobile Application Calendar Change Coming Soon!

If you use the website calendars, if you have captured iCal feeds to populate your personal calendars, or if you use the mobile app calendars, you need to know that a change is coming. The new website tool that launched earlier this year has revealed some weaknesses and inconsistencies with respect to the calendars. Therefore, we are going to make a change over the semester break. This change will require you to reset any iCal feeds you may have captured and added to your personal calendar accounts. It will also impact the mobile application, so you will need to refresh your calendar settings in the application. Instructions for doing so will be provided before the winter holiday and again upon our return in January.

Please know that we are making this change in the best interest of students and our community. We know that many of you rely heavily on digital calendars. We are making this change to improve functionality and efficiency. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Jen Dauzvardis (jennifer.dauzvardis@bvsd.org).  


BVSD Share-a-Gift Sign Up for Families in Need

What: The 2018 Toy Shop for free gifts for your children ages 0-14
When: Saturday, December 15th, 2018
Where: 2584 Baseline Rd Boulder, CO 80305 (old Whole Foods
location in the Basemar Shopping Center, corner of Baseline and
Who: Gifts are Free for Parents of children ages 0-14 who attend school in BVSD or live within the BVSD attendance area. No pre-registration required. Parents are admitted to the Toy Shop by
Last Name. No Children under 14 allowed inside. There is no Childcare available. Please see the attached flyer for additional details.


Emergency Preparedness:  Emergency Preparedness Page

Communication Pathways:  Communications Pathways

Check Lost & Found Items:  Lost and Found Page  



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NEW Puma Cubs Choir Starting in January
The Puma Cubs Elementary Choir is starting up in January.  Our first rehearsal will be Monday, January 14th from 3:15-4:15 PM in the Secondary Choir Room in the music building.  We will rehearse every Monday that school is in session through April 29th.  Our final concert will be on Thursday, May 2nd, with all of the other P2P choirs.
Puma Cubs is open to every 3rd, 4th, and 5th grader who enjoys singing.  Please sign up through the P2P website, using the Activities Tab/Elementary/Puma Cubs.  The fee is $15, which covers music and a Puma Cubs T-shirt for performances.  We need a minimum of 15 students to sign up in order for Puma Cubs to take place.  This number enables our singers to have a quality experience doing 2-part music.
If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Andony (heather.andony@bvsd.org) or Mrs. Wolfe (jewel.wolfe@bvsd.org).

Para Subs and Sub Teachers Needed


Winter Holiday Song Unit and Sing-a-Long

'Tis the season to be singing, and that is what the K-3 students will be doing in their music classes.  Over the next three weeks, students will be learning a variety of songs that go along with Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa.  We follow a policy that permits the use of traditional songs and carols since they are a part of our American culture and traditions.
The entire elementary school will gather together on Friday, December 14th.  The 5th grade band, orchestra, and choir will perform for the students, followed by the K-5 holiday sing-along.  Parents/guardians are invited to attend this assembly which takes place at 1:45 PM in the northwest gym.  Please arrive early and sign in at the front office before proceeding to the northwest gym.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jewel Wolfe at jewel.wolfe@bvsd.org


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 NEW  i-Ready Assessment Information for Middle School Families

Dear parents and guardians of middle school students, 

Along with providing excellence in instructional best practices to all of our learners, we also believe strongly in tools that can help us prescribe and guide instruction to meet the needs of all of our students. Over the past couple of years, the middle school team has evaluated some of the tools that BVSD and Peak to Peak’s elementary school have used to collect information on student achievement and growth in math and reading. In the 2017-2018 school year, our staff and Board of Directors worked collaboratively to revise our Strategic Plan. Through this effort, i-Ready was identified as the assessment tool we will use to measure the first two (and most important) “Key Performance Indicators” (KPIs) in our plan: student achievement and student growth.

The i-Ready assessment was chosen for two reasons: (1) it is a nationally-normed test, which allows us to see how our students compare to others across the country; and (2) it provides consistency in monitoring our students’ growth and achievement in grades K-8 at Peak to Peak. Our elementary school administers this instrument three times a year, and they also use i-Ready’s growth monitoring tool periodically throughout the year. Through this experience, many of you are already aware of the valuable information this tool provides about student achievement and growth.

During the 2017-18 school year,...please click i-Ready Assessment Information for Middle School Families to read the entire article.

Important Middle School Finals & Early Dismissal Information  

Dear Students, Parents and Middle School Families:

We are pleased to have our learners back after the Thanksgiving holiday. At Peak to Peak, we consider our families one of our greatest blessings. Fine instruction is taking place as we prepare our learners over the next few weeks for semester tests and finals.  

There are less than three weeks of regular instruction prior to finals examinations this fall. Given this short timeline, below are the procedures we have in place for our students across the 6-12.  An essential part of our college prep experience here is to expose students to college-style final exams and the rigor of extended writing and problem-solving work associated with cumulative assessments. We intentionally balance the number of finals over the course of the week prior to break to help students prepare for, and demonstrate mastery in, each of their courses. Your assistance aligning and following each of these expectations, as well as helping guide your teens in their preparation, healthy eating and sleeping habits leading up to finals, will maximize their achievement and minimize challenges in wrapping up the semester.

  1. Just like school attendance generally, finals are an important, culminating piece of a full-semester of learning at Peak to Peak. In some cases, students will be taking 90-minute cumulative final exams including a mix of challenging multiple-choice and/or free response essay questions. In other cases, they may be sharing final presentations resulting from multiple weeks of research and/or project-based learning work. Regardless of the form, finals are a required part of our courses, and students are expected to adhere to our final exam schedule that is published on the school website. Please DO NOT schedule family travel or appointments during finals week that will prevent students from taking their scheduled exams each morning. In case of emergencies, students must alert their teacher and assigned counselor as soon as possible, get the principal’s permission for consideration (case by case review), and work to find appropriate make-up assessment opportunities if approval is granted. Students may face academic penalties for missing finals, including earning a zero on given exams, if they fail to attend.    

     2.  Finals are scheduled from December 17-20th. Students with study halls and student aide assignments are not expected to attend school during those periods. This means that students may arrive early and/or leave early once finals are complete.

  1.  In the week prior to final exams, teachers limit content so that students have adequate time to prepare for finals.  Each teacher will provide a detailed final exam review at least one week before the final exam is scheduled. Teachers will not implement additional exams, significant research papers and/or prepare large projects that push them beyond what is manageable right before we expect students to take finals.
  2. Teachers of elective courses (including technology, the arts, Independent Seminar, health, PE, etc.) may include final exams as part of their mastery of learning expectations during finals week, although they are not expected to do so. These are at the discretion of each teacher and depend on the course and challenge level included. Please refer to their course syllabi and/or teacher class pages on the Peak to Peak website.
  3.  Final exam weighting will range from 10-15% of the total semester grade, and be posted in Infinite Campus with the assigned weight.  Following final exam scoring, semester grades will be due upon the staff’s return in January. In some cases, a student may be eligible for an incomplete grade (pending recommendation by the teacher and student’s assigned counselor), and limited to medical or other emergency reasons.  Please alert the student’s counselor if this arises.

After finals are completed, and over the winter break period, we want all students to take a genuine break from school coursework.  As such, we do not require or expect students to be engaged in school content study during their two weeks off. This time is valuable for rest, recuperation and to invite opportunities for outside reading, reflection and authentic “down time.”  We believe our students truly need this time off in order to bring their best in the next semester. Thank you for also respecting the need for our faculty to have this well-deserved reprieve away from emails.

Finals Schedule - Fall 2018

We are grateful for your partnership this first semester, and for helping us norm our community to the expectations set forth in this communication. We wish you and your families the best for a wonderful holiday season ahead.

Lori Preston, Middle School Principal


Career Cafe Sessions

Attention Parent/Guardian of 6th, 7th & 8th grade Students:

We are conducting sign ups for our lunchtime Career Cafe sessions. Each month we will highlight a career cluster, and host a professional who currently works in a career that falls within the cluster. Bulletin boards, history lessons, and counseling conversations may also extend your student's engagement in exploring the diverse world of work! There will be one opportunity during most months to participate in a Career Cafe.  We ask that all students try to participate in at least one career cluster during the 2018-19 school year.

We have approximately 30 spots per presentation and students will be asked to bring their lunch (preferably a bagged lunch) to the presentation.  Students will have the opportunity to sign -up via a google form, linked HERE .  We will have enough opportunities for each student to attend at least one Career Cafe. Below is the list of Career Clusters and which month they are offered. Please talk with your student and feel free to sign them up via the above google form. Otherwise, we will conduct sign-ups through history class.

If you have any questions about a Career Cafe, please reach out to either Stephanie Magdic stephanie.magdic@bvsd.org or Andrea Salvo andrea.salvo@bvsd.org. Thank you!

  • November: Health Science
  • December: Criminal Justice, Public Safety
  • January: Skilled Trade, Technical Sciences
  • February: Education, Human Services
  • April: Agriculture, Hospitality
  • May: Business, Marketing, Public Administration 

Secondary December Finals Schedule

Here is the December finals schedule for secondary students.  All students in grades 6th through 12th are dismissed at 11:05 AM each day Monday 12/17 through Thursday 12/20:

Click on the link to view the announcements that were read today to our high school students





NEW Principal Message on Making Any Time of Year Special

Dear families,

We’ve been having conversations as a staff about sharing our thankfulness and celebrating what we’re most grateful for at Peak to Peak. Indeed, we feel incredibly fortunate to be in Colorado, and members of a community where education is the center of our purpose. We know what it means and what can result from making students the focus of all of our decisions. We wholeheartedly cheer the opportunity to collaborate with students and families to help every student achieve the mission of our school and access their college or university of best fit. How many can boast this life-changing opportunity each day?

We also understand that this time of year can be particularly...please click Making Any Time of Year Special to read the entire article.


NEW 9th Grade Coping Skills Lesson & Cocoa and Cram Invitation

Dear 9th Grade Parent(s) and Guardian(s),

I hope you are well and enjoying the snow! Over the last two weeks, PAC leaders taught freshman lessons focused on stress, coping skills, and finals preparation.  I wanted to highlight a few points from our coping skill lesson:

  1. We talked about the difference between positive and negative stress. They did an activity demonstrating how too much stress can be overwhelming and we talked about the brain chemistry of stress.
  2. We asked students to make a “Coping Skills Toolbox” and asked them to take a picture of it. The idea is to help students understand that stress is a normal part of life and that coping skills are essential for success. We guided them in identifying 6-10 things that help them feel better when they are stressed.
  3. We talked about controlling what we can. PAC leaders stressed the need for sleep, limiting social media, kindness, engaging with others, and focusing on limiting things that make you unhappy. We also encouraged students to think about their current level of stress when contemplating classes in the future - you don’t need to take every AP course!
  4. We talked about the importance of connecting students to adults if you are worried about a friend. We encourage adult family members to reach out to counselors if you notice changes in behavior, increased isolation, or disengagement. These are warning signs that something may not be right with your teenager.

And from our final exam lesson:

  1. Start early, and make a plan. Check Roger Hub (online resource) to see what grade you need on your final to earn the grade you’re striving for in the class. Prioritize accordingly.
  2. Active studying is key! Writing out the answers to study guides, doing flash cards, and quizzing yourself are all important steps in studying.
  3. Sleeping, self-care, and limiting phone use are all important - especially in the next few weeks.
  4. Above all, remember that YOU are valuable, cared for and important! No grade or test will ever change that!

I would like your help in ensuring your child (ren) is balanced, healthy, and feeling supported the next few weeks. We have a 9th grade only study session, Cocoa and Cram, next Tuesday from 3:15-4:45 PM in the Cafeteria, designed to help your 9th grader begin thinking and planning for finals. I encourage you to talk with your 9th grader about these lessons, about how you personally cope with stress, and remind them that you are there for them and on their team. Please know that we are all focused on the same goal at Peak to Peak: creating happy, healthy, prepared students. If you are concerned about your child’s stress level, or they accomplish something truly magnificent, please let his/her/their/zes counselor know so we can support them!

Best wishes for a happy holiday,

Mary Campbell, 9th Grade Lead and PAC Coordinator


NEW Executive Summary – BVSD Student Climate Survey of Schools

Peak to Peak HS grade 9-12

This fall, high school students were charged with completing a new Boulder Valley School District student climate survey about the quality of their classroom engagement, school environment, safety and emergency preparedness at Peak to Peak. Students took the survey online during English classes in the first week of November.  This week, we received the K-12 responses and graphics showing how our students responded (see below). Overall, we posted a 98% participation rate in the survey, with an overall positive average of 92% on the indicators, both of which reflect very highly on our students, staff and community members. We celebrate our commitment to providing the best education available for learning, and rely on survey feedback to help us continue these trends. Thanks to all of our students for participating, and to our staff for adjusting instruction that week to accommodate the survey.

In the area of “engagement,” which includes staff members treating students with respect, providing adequate course materials for classes, students being treated equally well across demographic groupings, participation in school extracurricular activities, peer-to-peer relationships, and staff being available to assist students in need, our students posted responses...please click BVSD Student Climate Survey to read the entire article.



Secondary December Finals Schedule

Here is the December finals schedule for secondary students.  All students in grades 6th through 12th are dismissed at 11:05 AM each day Monday 12/17 through Thursday 12/20:

Click on the link to view the announcements that were read today to our high school students



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ES, MS, HS Athletics


NEW Varsity Baseball
Varsity baseball coach Matthew Castilleja will be having open gym training sessions each week starting December 11th from 6:00-7:30 AM.  Training sessions will take place in the northwest gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays and he will be focusing on resistance training and conditioning.  Coach Castilleja will be having pitchers and catchers throw bullpens and he will be using the program's new indoor batting cage so those who participate can hit.  Training sessions are open to all high school and middle school student-athletes who are interested in playing baseball in the spring.  If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail Coach Castilleja at matthew.castilleja@bvsd.org.
Middle School Girls Basketball
Tryouts: Thursday, December 13th in the northeast gym 3:30-5:00 PM

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Friends of P2P


$54,000 Raised on Colorado Gives Day!
Thank you Puma families for a fantastic Colorado Gives Day!  We are thrilled to announce over $54,000 was donated to Peak to Peak on this day alone.  New families, alumni students and parents, current families throughout all grade levels, teachers/staff and grandparents/extended family members from near and far made generous donations to show support for Peak to Peak.  On behalf of our students and staff THANK YOU to our Puma community for almost 20 years of time, talent and treasure contributions to keep our school the special place it is.    
Save the Date - K-12 Spirit Night
Please plan to show your Puma spirit Friday, January 11th as we cheer on our varsity basketball team at home against Kent Denver at a special Puma Spirit Night!  Stay tuned for more information including special activities for Pumas of all ages!
The Peak Gala committee is actively approaching businesses that may be interested in sponsoring our March 1st Peak Gala.  Please be sure to check out the GALA SPONSORSHIP GUIDE  and pass along to places you think may be interested.  You can also contact Puma parent and gala sponsorship chair Raj Chaudhari at raj@agency313.com to share your contacts/ideas or for more information.  This is a great event for businesses interested in advertising to our K-12 community!

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Staff Preferences

Although it is never expected, at times families want to give their teachers or the staff a gift.  If you would like to know their favorite things, click on this link to view their preferences:  Staff Preference Document  Please remember it is BVSD policy that to staff can only be up to $25.


New Fingerprinting Process
You can no longer get your fingerprints done at the police station in Colorado. Colorado has decided to use a third party vendor to handle all of its background needs.  Going forward to become a volunteer at Peak to Peak you will need to get the paperwork from our front office which will walk you through the steps of how to get your fingerprints done. Each volunteer will receive a unique code that will pay for your fingerprints so it will no longer be an out of pocket cost to you.  If you have any questions about the process please feel free to email harrisonnicole@me.com
Volunteer Sign-in Process
We are super excited about our new badges for volunteers.  If you have had a background check and have been approved you will receive an email to come in and get your new badge with a picture and scanning capability. if you have your new badge we will no longer need you to sign in on the paper sheet at the attendance window. Show the office your badge and once through the locked doors in the south lobby follow the instructions below to scan into the computer.  The instructions will also be printed at the computer for your convenience. This is going to help make our school safer, more efficient, and hopefully make coming and going easier for you.
1. Use barcode on the back of your badge to scan in using the scanner.
2. Choose either An Activity or A Classroom
3. Select the classroom or the activity.
4. Before you leave the building after volunteering scan out so we know you have left the building. 
Volunteer Facebook Page
We have a new Facebook page for volunteers. We will be posting the weekly update of what is coming up and last minute volunteer needs. Please subscribe to help make the page a successful tool. We will not over post to ensure we protect your time and social media barrage of information:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1594466300665141/
Volunteer Board
We have a volunteer board next to our login computer in the south lobby that will showcase all of the coming needs for the school.  Take a moment if you prefer to see our opportunities in person.
Volunteer Process
We will continue to request fingerprints from anyone who intends to volunteer more than once during the school year.  If you had your fingerprints done previously and completed all three volunteer forms then you do not need to complete any volunteer paperwork this year!  Please contact Traci Schoeneweis at traci.schoeneweis@bvsd.org or 303-453-4682 to verify your volunteer status if you are unsure.  If you only intend to volunteer once then you will be required to do the background check (not fingerprints) and the three volunteer forms each year.  Please follow this link to print them or pick them up at registration:  Volunteer Information

Volunteer training is online.  Anyone that is new to the school needs to view this before volunteering.  If you have previously attended or taken the volunteer training you do not need to do it again.  It’s a good idea for returning volunteers to view this as well.  Follow this link Volunteer Training to view the information.  It can also be found on the volunteer page of the school website.


Your Volunteer Team would love to hear from you. If you have any interest in volunteering for anything at all but do not know where to start please email one of the people below.  We would love to meet you.
Nicole Harrison, harrisonnicole@me.com Volunteer Coordinator
Siobhan Webster, siobhanwebster@me.com Elementary School Volunteer Coordinator
Dar Zerwek-Reardon, zerwekhreardon@comcast.net Middle School Volunteer Coordinator
Angela Finan, angelarules@comcast.net High School Volunteer Coordinator
Lindsay Wright hlw78@mac.com Jamie Doyle jamdoyle@gmail.com