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The following information is for the week of 5/20-5/24




All School News
Table of Contents:

All School

  • Peak Perspectives Magazine
  • Best wishes to departing staff
  • Student tech accounts and passwords
  • New textbook proposal
  • Seeking speakers and mentors
  • Summer reading and school supply lists
  • Free & reduced applications and free summer meals


  • Report cards
  • Sign ups for August assessments & registration


  • Middle School finals schedule - UPDATED


  • HS Robotics Coach needed
  • High School finals schedule

ES, MS, HS Athletics

  • No updates

Friends of P2P  

  • No updates


  • New fingerprinting process
  • New volunteer sign-in process
  • Volunteer facebook page
  • Volunteer bulletin board
  • Volunteer process



Week of 5/20/19-5/24/19: 
Monday 5/20:  Secondary finals (secondary students in grades 6-11 dismissed at 11:05 AM)
Tuesday 5/21: Secondary finals (secondary students in grades 6-11 dismissed at 11:05 AM)  
Wednesday 5/22:  5th grade continuation 10:00 AM (northwest gym); Secondary finals (secondary students in grades 6-11 dismissed at 11:05 AM) 
Thursday 5/23:  Last day for students (all students dismissed at 11:05 AM)
Friday 5/24:   Last day for teachers

Frequently Used Webpages:


Please visit the Board of Directors Page for meeting agendas, minutes, and more.   


NEW Peak Perspectives Literary Art Magazine Now on Sale

Purchase your copy of this year's Peak Perspectives, P2P’s literary art magazine, NOW! The glossy, full-color magazine features art, poetry, and prose from talented middle and high school students. The magazine costs $12/copy. Purchase yours at: https://peaktopeakcharter.revtrak.net/Additional-Items-and-Events/peak-perspectives-magazine/.  Magazines are available for pickup in the Think Tank.


NEW Best Wishes to Our Departing Staff
We want to thank the below staff members for their excellent service and wish them the very best:
Dana Reyes, MTSS Coordinator                                     Andrea Jacobberger, BAASC Head Group Leader
Jodi Mowery, Attendance Coordinator                           Monica Lindley, BAAS Head Group Leader
Jacque Clark, Kindergarten Paraprofessional              Jayden Rangel, BAASC Group Leader
Lynn Davis, Food Services Cashier                                Kim McConnell, Head Cross Country/Track Coach
Kate Hayes, Food Services Cashier                               Dee Webster, MS Cross Country Coach
Jenni Thompson, Food Services Cashier                      Trevor Shepherd, HS Soccer
Kelsi Wagner, Food Services Cashier                             Barry Luginbill, Girls JV Basketball
Rachel Winter, Food Services Asst Cook/Sub Line      Hannah Hawkins, Girls JV Soccer

NEW Student Tech Accounts and Passwords 

Student Checklist

Computer/Google/IC accounts: all graduating seniors’ accounts will be deactivated by the end of the first week of June (after all grades have been entered by teachers, actual date will vary), so they will not have any access after that. Make sure they understand the necessity to:

  • Notify all contacts, including colleges, that their email address has changed from their BVSD Gmail to their personal email.

  • Forward all needed emails from their BVSD Gmail to their personal email.

  • Copy all needed files from their H: drive (Private folder) or BVSD Google Drive to a personal Google Drive.

  • Use Google Takeout if needed

If you have questions, please call the IT Service Desk at 720-561-HELP (x4357) or submit an IT Service Request. Enjoy your summer break!


Elementary Passwords - August 2019

  •  K-4 password requirements will remain the same with IT changing them twice a year: on the first Friday in February and the first Friday in August. Elementary students in grades K-4 do not need to enroll in or use Password Manager.
  •  K-4 Password Schedule and Practices
  • Next password change: August 3, 2018. Click here for more information.


Secondary Passwords - August 2019

 We highly recommend that students grades 5-12 change their passwords, using my.bvsd.org, prior to leaving for summer break.

  • Click here for Password information for students grades 5-12.

  • Click here for complete instructions for new students grades 5-12 to set up their accounts.


NEW Textbook Proposal

It is our process to invite our school community to provide feedback on proposed new curriculum. Below you will find a link to a new middle school science textbook. If you have any feedback on the below new proposal please email Traci Schoeneweis at traci.schoeneweis@bvsd.org by Friday, May 24th 3:00 PM. All comments will be sent to the Curriculum Committee. Thank you.

Course Proposals: Textbook adoption recommendation for 6th-grade Life Science


NEW Seeking Speakers and Mentors
To all community members:
We are currently seeking individuals who have experienced moments in history or offer a unique perspective based on their life experiences to speak in our junior level Humanities classes.  Some examples of current speakers include war veterans, social activists and community organizers.  Please reach out to Carla Flanhofer at carla.flanhofer@bvsd.org if you are interested in speaking in our classes or know of someone who might be willing to join our classes. 
Ms. Flanhofer is also seeking professionals who utilize psychological principles in their work to speak to seniors in AP Psychology about their professional experiences.  Further, we are seeking mentors for students developing original research designs for this class.  Please email carla.flanhofer@bvsd.org if you are interested in speaking or working with the AP Psychology class.  
Thank you for your time and interest!

Summer Reading and School Supply Lists for 2019-2020

Here are the Summer Reading & School Supplies lists for all grade levels for 2019-2020.  They can also be found on our website:

Summer Reading

School Supplies


Free & Reduced Applications and Free Meals During the Summer 
  • Free and Reduced applications will not be accepted prior to July 1, 2019.
  • For those looking for free breakfast and lunches throughout the summer months, please visit Kidfoodfinder.org for more information. 

Please contact Elizabeth Begley with any questions at elizabeth.begley@bvsd.org. 



Emergency Preparedness:  Emergency Preparedness Page

Communication Pathways:  Communications Pathways

Check Lost & Found Items:  Lost and Found Page  



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NEW Elementary Report Cards
Parents/ guardians of 1st-5th grade students can review and/or print final report cards for this school year online beginning May 30th. Instructions for access can be found here. (Kindergarten report cards will come home in Friday Folders the last week of school.)

Sign Up Now for August Assessment Day/ Registration

Each year in August, a few days before school begins, students meet with teachers for initial greetings, visiting classrooms, bringing school supplies, and starting beginning of year assessments. This allows students and teachers to get to know each other in small groups, gain familiarity with new classrooms and grade levels, and greatly reduces first-day jitters and materials.

Please sign up for one-time slot during our Assessment Days of August 12-14, 2019. Plan for your student to be at school approximately two hours. These days also serve as Elementary Registration Days, including school pictures and health room items, so plan to take care of those items either at the beginning or ending of the testing time slot.

Sign-ups will be completed on the same system we use for scheduling conferences. This will also email you a link with the ability to change over the summer should your plans change. Please visit https://peaktopeak.as.me/ to choose a time for the grade level your student will attend next year! 


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 Middle School Finals Schedule



Middle School Announcements 

Click on the link to view the announcements that were read today to our high school students






NEW Looking for a HS Robotics Coach

 Peak to Peak is looking for a High School robotics coach to prepare our robotics team to compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge.  Candidates should have a strong background in coding (Java) or mechanical engineering and be willing to dedicate 4-5 hours per week outside of normal school hours - usually on weekends - to help the team design, build, and test a robot for competitions in January and beyond, depending on how well they do.  There is a small stipend associated with the position.  Interested candidates should contact Mr. Hettmansperger at robert.hettmansperger@bvsd.org

High School Finals Schedule 


Click on the link to view the announcements that were read today to our high school students



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ES, MS, HS Athletics



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Friends of P2P



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Fingerprinting Process
You can no longer get your fingerprints done at the police station in Colorado. Colorado has decided to use a third-party vendor to handle all of its background needs.  Going forward to become a volunteer at Peak to Peak you will need to get the paperwork from our front office which will walk you through the steps of how to get your fingerprints done. Each volunteer will receive a unique code that will pay for your fingerprints so it will no longer be an out of pocket cost to you.  If you have any questions about the process please feel free to email harrisonnicole@me.com
Volunteer Sign-in Process
We are super excited about our new badges for volunteers.  If you have had a background check and have been approved you will receive an email to come in and get your new badge with a picture and scanning capability. if you have your new badge we will no longer need you to sign in on the paper sheet at the attendance window. Show the office your badge and once through the locked doors in the south lobby follow the instructions below to scan into the computer.  The instructions will also be printed at the computer for your convenience. This is going to help make our school safer, more efficient, and hopefully make coming and going easier for you.
1. Use barcode on the back of your badge to scan in using the scanner.
2. Choose either An Activity or A Classroom
3. Select the classroom or the activity.
4. Before you leave the building after volunteering scan out so we know you have left the building. 
Volunteer Facebook Page
We have a new Facebook page for volunteers. We will be posting the weekly update of what is coming up and last minute volunteer needs. Please subscribe to help make the page a successful tool. We will not over post to ensure we protect your time and social media barrage of information:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1594466300665141/
Volunteer Board
We have a volunteer board next to our login computer in the south lobby that will showcase all of the coming needs for the school.  Take a moment if you prefer to see our opportunities in person.
Volunteer Process
We will continue to request fingerprints from anyone who intends to volunteer more than once during the school year.  If you had your fingerprints done previously and completed all three volunteer forms then you do not need to complete any volunteer paperwork this year!  Please contact Traci Schoeneweis at traci.schoeneweis@bvsd.org or 303-453-4682 to verify your volunteer status if you are unsure.  If you only intend to volunteer once then you will be required to do the background check (not fingerprints) and the three volunteer forms each year.  Please follow this link to print them or pick them up at registration:  Volunteer Information

Volunteer training is online.  Anyone that is new to the school needs to view this before volunteering.  If you have previously attended or taken the volunteer training you do not need to do it again.  It’s a good idea for returning volunteers to view this as well.  Follow this link Volunteer Training to view the information.  It can also be found on the volunteer page of the school website.


Your Volunteer Team would love to hear from you. If you have any interest in volunteering for anything at all but do not know where to start please email one of the people below.  We would love to meet you.
Nicole Harrison, harrisonnicole@me.com Volunteer Coordinator
Siobhan Webster, siobhanwebster@me.com Elementary School Volunteer Coordinator
Dar Zerwek-Reardon, zerwekhreardon@comcast.net Middle School Volunteer Coordinator
Angela Finan, angelarules@comcast.net High School Volunteer Coordinator
Lindsay Wright hlw78@mac.com Jamie Doyle jamdoyle@gmail.com